help with vanishing

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help with vanishing
Post # 1

i need help with vanishing a demon that is at my daughter house an my girlfirends house! can anyone please help me get this thing out ?

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Re: help with vanishing
Post # 2
Well, you can banish a demon, if you are looking for simplicity, try smudge sticks, you can get them at new age stores. Otherwise you can politely ask your angels to take the demon to a place of healing and redemption. If you're for some reason opposed to those two suggestions, you can try banishing rituals and spells, sorry, can't remember many off the top of my head.
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Re: help with vanishing
Post # 3
Here is a spell that I have used before and it tends to work.

Items you will need:

A empty coffee can with a plastic lid
1 pound of sea salt
A shovel

The Spell:

Pour most of the seal salt into the coffee can and place the open can in the center of your basement.

Sprinkle some salt in each corner of your basement.
Envision the demon as a grayish cloud and see it being absorbed by the salt in the can. Say aloud: ?Begone now, demon, let me be, No long can you torment me, I bind you for eternity and I shall evermore be free.

On the New Moon put the lid on the coffee can and take it to a desolate place ? a vacant lot, a desert, a gravel pit the town dump ? away from water, trees people or animals. Don?t open the can. Bury it and say good riddance to the demon trapped inside.

It would be best if you did this three nights before the full moon rather then the night before. And if you don't have a basement a shed or storage room will, or just a place in your house people don't really go in.

Hopes this helps
May the Darkness guide you
~Reaper Grimm~
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Re: help with vanishing
By: / Novice
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Welcome.
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