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Spirit Contacting Help
Post # 1
I would like to try and have a conversation with my deceased grandmother but I've yet to find a working spell/ritual that is right for my situation. I do not have many tools for this, all I have is a few black and white candles and basic household items that can be used like salt for a protection circle. so if anybody has a easy spell/ritual to help me talk to my grandmother please message me as soon as possible. Thank you.
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Re: Spirit Contacting Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You can always create ancestor altar and honer her.She might be already near you ,but most people do not see or hear spirits and not all of us sense them either.Even if you create the altar and try any types of spells and divination methods there is not guarantee that this will give you the result you wish.Sometimes spirits move on and they never look back or if they look back it is because they wanted not because you wanted.I will give you example with my own grandmother I have tried to call upon her nearly nine months now ,but I heard her voice only once in response ,so I am assuming she either has moved on or she is not willing to talk with me for now.Having said that I heard her voice does not mean that everyone will hear anything.In fact most people can not hear the spirits talking and even if spiritual being talks to you probably you will not hear it whatsoever.
This is a problem for most people.You have to either use ghost box or ouija board,however that does not mean that the spirit that communicates with you and says that is your grandmother is in fact her.Spirits can lie and they will if they have their own agenda.Whatever you decide to do you do need protection.Since I communicate with spirits daily I evoke the archangels always before ever attempting any sort of communication.You need to learn to banish spirits before even attempting to call them forth .Also keep in mind you might call for one ,but 20 others can appear and they tend to stay around.You have to have some nerve to get used with the idea of 20(or any other number) invisible things stalking you all day and night ,while you believe that you are on your own.
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