Lavender Water

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Lavender Water
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Lavender Water

Lavender water is a perfume made from distilled lavender, alcohol and ambergris. It is used for a variety of purposes, such as inducing relaxation and helping to ease anxiety, freshen the house, helping to sleep better at night and so much more. You can place Lavender Water in a spritz bottle to spray lightly on your pillows for the said sleeping better as it lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It can even be used as a disinfectant and to repel bugs and other insects away from you should you spray some on yourself and go out into the wilderness. Lavender Water can be also used as a foot soak (heated), and adding it to bathwater can improve your mood and promote circulation.

Ways to Make Lavender Water

There are several different recipes to make Lavender Water that doesn't include ambergris should you do a quick google search. You will need distilled water (tap is not recommended unless it is boiled to rid of any germs and then cooled), essential lavender oil, lavender sprigs to decorate your bottle (optional) and a spray bottle or decanter. You will pour the distilled water or cleansed tap water into the spray bottle and add five drops of lavender oil for every 5 oz of water. If you're patient, you may steep this for two weeks. Another way you may make Lavender Water is to put two cups of distilled water through a funnel into a jar or directly into your spray bottle and drop sixteen drops of lavender essential oil into the distilled water (1 oz oil to 1 oz water). Add two tablespoons of Witch Hazel (herb) or any other emulsifier (helps the spray to dry faster). Shake before use and your Lavender Water is ready for use!

Hope this helped, and I apologize if I left out any information or gave misinformation.



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Re: Lavender Water
Post # 2
Im going to have to do this. I love Lavendar. Never thought about making my own spray. Seems so easy too.
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