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Personal information
Post # 1
Can some other moderators please clarify what the rules are universaly, above and beyond the ones we agree to when we sign up? There is alot of confusion about this. It seems that some members and moderators have been saying that whatever they deem too personal at that moment, will be labeled as unfit forum material. I feel it is unfair. In the rules it is described as financial information and such as bank account and credit card information for legal purposes.
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Re: Personal information
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
  • Any info that you can enter into a field in your profile (like website) can be repeated in your bio.
  • Any info that can identify you in the world is NOT allowed (for example, My real name is Al Bundy, I live at ..... It also includes things like phone numbers and email address, these things are NOT allowed)
  • General info is allowed: I have 2 brothers and a pet zebra
  • With forums: In general website links are only allowed in the Advertisements section. e-mails are never allowed. If there is a question where the content of another website answers the question, summarize the answer here. DO NOT copy/paste, that is a copyright violation which you will be found guilty of in court. Do NOT just post a link to the other site, other sites go offline and vanish from the Internet everyday, if you just post a link it could become a dead link at any time and then the question is unanswered again.

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Re: Personal information
Post # 3
I would also like to mention some scam messages. I received a scam message and I did not respond to it but instead looked to see if who sent it was still online and come to find out the account was deleted with that said I would like to mention if you do get a scam message on here too. So if you get a message asking for money I would look to see if the user that sent it is still online and if so I would report it to a Moderator. After i seen the user was no longer online i deleted the message. I thought this subject should also be brought up.
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Re: Personal information
Post # 4
I thought i remembered reading this and here it is. Im reposting it because i thought i commented on the anyone tried skyclad post to let them know about posting links only being for mods or advertisements and when i went back again my comment was removed and a mod had replied.
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Re: Personal information
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Dunsuknup, While it is true that posting links to sites that offer goods or services or other message boards, etc are supposed to go into the Advertisements section of in one's personal profile that is not true of all links. It is perfectly acceptable for members to post links to other websites that offer information or resources that might be useful to other members. For instance, if someone asks about what modern Druidry is all about, it is permissable for other members to post links to sites with information on the beliefs and practices of Druidry.

Trust the Mods to know when moderation is necessary. You don't really need to be telling others what the rules are.

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Re: Personal information
Post # 6
Thats fair.
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