I want wings!

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I want wings!
Post # 1
Okay, I have, ever since age 10 wanted white angel wings. If you mention this so-called "astral plane" (sorry, I"m new to magick), can you explain what it is? Thanks! Oh, also, quick question, is this site a joke? If it's real, I'm very, very, happy! Thanks again!

Re: I want wings!
Post # 2
Trust me the site is real.. you have to be careful though, some people don't know what they are doing and put you in danger with their spells. Sorry I don't know what a astral plane is either.

Re: I want wings!
By: / Novice
Post # 3

As i am going to say this. You can not grow wings of any kind of on the physical plane. Its just simply impossible. Especially shapeshifting. You can change your form on astral planes maybe. But most of all you can't change your phsyical dna to anything that is non human.

Yes this site is real there are some good spells on here that are real magick. But becareful on what you go through there are fake fantasy spells on here that people have submitted in the past that don't work.

Re: I want wings!
Post # 4
This feat you want to accomplish is impossible magic cannot change you physicaly ! You cannot change your DNA with magic !

Re: I want wings!
Post # 5
You cannot get wings with Magick, and at this point, not with science either. Magick cannot change the genetic composure of anything including the human body. Your DNA is human, meaning no wings now, and no wings in the future anytime soon. All you can hope for is extreme surgical breakthroughs, and even then I bet it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Astral Plane is a tricky subject to put into one post but I'll explain it to the best of my abilities. The Astral Plane is where you go when you have done what is called Astral Projection. Astral Projection,(often abbreviated into AP instead of the full name) is the conscious leaving of the body in your 'Astral body'. The Astral Plane is not typically one certain thing or place, other than the fact that it is outside of the physical realm. In saying that it is not in the physical realm we do not have to abide by the laws of physics therefore making it possible to take upon any form you wish while on the Astral Plane. People often say they fly in the Astral realm, which is not even the beginning of all the things you can do.

Dragons, Vampires and other mythical creatures therefore can exist on the Astral Plane, as they do not on the physical plane. You can take the appearance of them if you'd like. Though it takes much dedication and for most people, years of practice and patience. You are not going to just randomly try to do it and find yourself in the Astral Realm on the first try.

There are many articles on this site about APing, though I suggest before you try to do anything with APing or Magick, you know what things are, what is fiction, and what is real.

Re: I want wings!
Post # 6
The astral plane is like the place between here and whereever spirits go when they move one, it can be entered thro eighter sight, so many people use it to talk to ded relatives or frends, there you dont have a phyzical body so you travel in your astral one which dosent have any of the human body restrictions, so you can fly, faze thro walls, shapeshifift and so one, so you can have wing's there, while pointless cause you can fly anyway there, in the astral plane you can go anywhere any when
this site is intended for real magic, but there are planty of jokers and role players who think that posting spells that are imposible is somehow fun, has that answered all your questions?

Re: I want wings!
Post # 7
It was invented so that witches could attend ceremonies psycichly when they couldnt be there in person. They would make a salve that gave the sensation of flying to the event and visualizing what was happening and interaction with the witches present.

Re: I want wings!
Post # 8
The Astral Plane is not a place where dead spirits go to my knowledge, I have never heard of that before. In fact to my knowledge it is pretty much opposite than that. The other people you see in the Astral Realm are the other people who are Astral Projecting.

Re: I want wings!
Post # 9
In all my 13 years of practicing i have never heard of wings with magic. The Astral thing your hearing about is called Astral Projection. When you master Astral-Projection you can fool Enemies by appearing invisible to your enemies or meeting with your Spirit Watcher just to explain a few uses of Astral-Projection.

Re: I want wings!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Dunsuknup. What you have posted is a myth! A lie, spread by early Christians to condemn witchcraft. It is not, and never was, true!

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