not quite Reiki

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not quite Reiki
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I understand that Reiki is healing with energy. There are classes, attunements with special symbols performed by the Reiki master, and there are certain hand positions for healing certain parts.

My question is like this. Could it still be effective healing without the attunements and symbols? Like if i learned it via videos and reading, would that still be pretty effective? i feel like it wouldn't be real Reiki without those which is my reasoning for the title. But it i were to channel energy In the same way, use the proper hand positions and such, could i still heal someone or myself?
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Re: not quite Reiki
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Yes, I know people who heal with energy but its not Reiki they're performing. Getting some books and watching educational videos is a good start but you should seek out an actual teacher to learn from.
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Re: not quite Reiki
Post # 3
the good thing about reiki is that you are a channel for the energy. therefore you don't deplete your own
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Re: not quite Reiki
Post # 4
Whell it would be more effective to use simple energy healing, cause most of these videos are filmed by novices in reiki or posers and to find the good ones which can actualy teach somthing you would half to be quite familiar with reiki, but no offense to reiki users but I find reiki to be realy realy realy weak compared to what I do, and what I do isn't really a technique like reiki but something that I made up myself, cause a cool name and a fancy technique isn't anything special, im not saying that reiki is not effective im saying that its not compatible with everyone and there is something more compatible for everyone, according to my experience anyway, if I where you I would learn the baisics of energy healing and energy manipulation and afther that you can create your own style, again from my own experience
p.s. Hope I didnt insulat any reiki users
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