spell to help dr diagnose

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spell to help dr diagnose
Post # 1
I'd like some advice. I have some new disease, but drs are having a heck of a time finding what. I sense and have been given signs (tarot, animal visits) that it is quite bad and something that really needs attention. I've seen several drs and none are really helping me. This happened before--took me 6 drs to get a diagnosis on one of my autoimmune conditions! I was thinking I should cast a spell to aid a dr in finding what is wrong with me, but I'm sort of stuck on how to even start. Would it be a spell to grant wisdom? Or a spell to allow me to communicate my symptoms better and be heard better? Or just a general get er done sort of spell?
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Re: spell to help dr diagnose
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I don't think it is a good idea to do a spell on your doctor. They know what they know. Might be your autoimmune disease is flaring up, rather than a new one added. Check the Internet for what you have to remind yourself symptoms, which could clue you in on which it is. If you are on meds, check to see if they are interacting with each other. is good for that, and will check for you any added meds interactions. They will send warnings to your email. I am on there, and found one of my meds was causing my blood pressure to be too high and giving me leg cramps. Turns out I shouldn't have been on that med. Hope this helps. I know the problems of autoimmune disease, as Fibromyalgia is under that category. BB
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Re: spell to help dr diagnose
Post # 3
I would also avoid casting a spell on your doctor. Although for yourself I would surround yourself with white light and strengthen the aura with a method suitable to yourself. Keep yourself peaceful and calm and don't worry, doctors are smart and they will come up with an answer eventually. Stress causes a plethora of problems which you don't need to deal with.

Blessed Be.
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