Real or not?

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Real or not?
Post # 1
Again, I need REAL answers! Do these spells work? Do they work or are they just our imaginations?
I'm a beginner and already I am starting to doubt this "magik" stuff. Sorry if I am, but understand I am new to all of this. I need a spell that I can use to convince anyone, such as my parents. You see I am in a situation where I am trying to convince my dad into saying yes for something but nothing is working. I've trying convincing techniques but it all fails. I know there are these kinds of spells in the Spell List, but I don't know which one actually works.
Another question is how come people post mermaid/fairy/werewolf, etc. spells? I mean, isn't it physically impossible to turn into a mythological creature? Because people posting those spells ought to know that they are just tricking people, if these aren't real. I would love to turn to into a fairy and have ice powers, but I don't see how humans can possibly be able to do that. If that really happened, then people are bound to find out.
I am not sure if I am actually breaking the rules with this, but I do need answers. Some religions oppose witchcraft saying that humans shouldn't mess with it. But a lot of people do that. And I want to know if magic really exists or if it's just in our heads. Give me real answers, but I really am looking for a yes or no and an explanation. Sorry if this is long, folks. I hope you all understand what I am trying to say, and please, no negative comments. Thanks :)
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Re: Real or not?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Yes, magick is real. But you do need to learn skills to make spells work.You need some understanding of what it is and what it can do. Rather than doing a spell to get a parent to say yes to something, try explaining WHY he should say yes. It should help if they understand what you want and why.
Hope this helps. BB
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Re: Real or not?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Real or not?
Post # 4
Magick is real, but you have to keep in mind that you can't just do a spell and wait for it to work all by itself, you also have to put in some type of effort to push the magickal process, also timing is a big deal for a spell to be successfull, practice makes perfect, can't walk without crawling first
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Re: Real or not?
Post # 5
All of the stuff about changing into vampires, werewolves, and mermaids are just the fluffies on here. The people on the site who are serious just mostly ignore them because one way or another, they'll always just find a way to post them anyway. We just let the naive people stay naive when they aren't willing to accept reason. Magick doesn't change your physical form and never will, it is the power of nature, it cannot do anything nature can't. Such as randomly changing your DNA to the point of being a different species. Before you try to convince your parents or anyone else for that matter anything, I think you might want to get farther into it, to where you understand what this is and if you want to be doing it. Though everyone has the ability to do Magick, some people just aren't meant to understand it because their way of seeing and thinking things. As to us, the people who believe in this and understand it, their beliefs might seem unethical just like ours to theirs. Start with the basics if you feel this is your path, leave spell casting for later, after you've learned what all this is and how it works. It is not wise to travel blindly. Bright Blessings.
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Re: Real or not?
Post # 6
The thing I got from your post is that you don't fully believe, so there for your magic will not work.

I think in order for any spell to work, you have to put the intention behind it. If you dont think its going to work, then guess's not going to work.

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