Weird black energy?

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Weird black energy?
Post # 1
Ever since i was a kid, ive been able to do this trick where I form a practically solid disk of energy in my mouth and flip it like a coin. I was asking around and literally, nobody could do it. Then i was talking to my best friend and she mentioned that she could do it too. Then we started playing around with it and we figured out that If you look at it, it looks like slightly disturbed air mixed with wispy white smoke when its on me, but if i put it on anyone else it turns into a thick black glob that looks like tar and it spreads out until it completely covers what i put it on. I can also draw it back in into me if i want.
Also lately ive been having this weird sensation that i am not in my own body. like, it literally feels like i am wearing a heavy suit, and like my skin is too heavy for my "soul"......
Idk, if anyone knows anything at all, pleassse help
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Re: Weird black energy?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Brood over your words and see what you have been talking of! Simply put, you are writing this in a role playing manner, which should be avoided!
Energy can be felt! It is not something that can be seen or touched! What you are referring to is pure fantasy! You did not create any solid disk of energy and no one is falling into your pit of childish imagination!
As for your soul, there are beliefs according to some religions that the soul is trapped in human body and once people die, the soul is released and freed from bondage. But, that's just a belief! And relating to your previous words, I guess you are taking this to some other sense. If you are assuming that you are trapped in a human body but you are something else or some other creature, then the answer is no. You are human and a human you will remain till death! If your skin is feeling heavy, maybe you have obesity?
So, stop taking things in a fantasy manner. Life is not a fantasy world and neither is magick. We are bound and have limitations to actions that can be performed. Use your common sense and maturity before writing such fictional posts!
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Re: Weird black energy?
Post # 3
For one, I never said I was any "creature". I am well aware that i am human. I also did not mean "solid disk of energy" in a literal sense. I was referring to how it FEELS almost solid. Hence the word "practically" Secondly, I did not mean seeing it with my eyes. I meant seeing it in the same way you would see auras or anything of that nature. No, my skin is not heavy because i have obesity. I only weigh 98 lbs. As for my "writing style" or whatever? I'ts called writing in the first person... And give me a break. I was half asleep when i posted that. Now, if you have some actual advice/helpfulness then, by all means, share it. If not, butt out.
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Re: Weird black energy?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well, it would have saved more time if you would have elaborated it that way, but I see you are flipping the whole concept about what you were talking about!
Literally, you see you stated that you and your friend played with the so called practical whispy windy coin! Then you wrote it turns into black glob when put on someone else like tar! I see nothing but a fluffy sense in yourself and your post!
You are a mixed up young man! Bless your heart, Dear Lords!
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Re: Weird black energy?
Post # 5

Some people have greater control over their minds and are able to manipulate their sensory perception. I believe this is the explanation for what your friend and you are doing. You are able to "trick" your mind into feeling that their is a solid disk of energy in your mouth as well as how it looks.

Either that or this is a method by which you are perceiving energy. This would explain the look of what you have described and how you described it's reaction to other materials, as well as being able to draw it back inside of you.

As for your body sensations, I would advise you to consult your doctor during your next check up. There are a variety of conditions that could cause the feeling of added weight on your body or that you are wearing a heavy suit. As obesity is not a problem like you stated, that can be ruled out as a possibility. At the moment nothing comes to mind for what could be causing this spiritually or magically.

I hope you find answers to all of your questions, best wishes.

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Re: Weird black energy?
Post # 6
Thank you, SinixO. That was quite helpful!
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