Hello everyone, I'm knew.

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Hello everyone, I'm knew.
Post # 1
About me: I'm vary knew too pagan/Wicca and I've been into it for awhile know, so I'm still learning about everything and finding out if this is my path.
I'm vary shy because I was born with anxiety, so I was homeschooled all my life.
My traits: I'm vary loyal, antisocial, honest, caring, smart, passionate, strong willed, and depressed.
Also I'm a big worrywart, I worry about everything so much it drives me crazy.
but anyhow I'm still trying to find my path, and I think paganism mite be it because its so down to earth and such a loving and accepting religion.
But I'm afraid that my family may feel uncomfortable with me, but that they say they accept me whatever I may do.
It'd be nice making friends on this website.
I just want a place where I can be accepted for who I am, I'm still trying to find out who I am.
Thank you for reading.
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Re: Hello everyone, I'm knew.
Post # 2
Hi MotherGreen,
we sound very alike, strong willed and passionate, yet never able to express our feelings to those we aren't comfortable with because we're shy, yet when we do the work of the mother all the fear goes away.
Like me, you were drwn to paganism because of the kindness of the mother, my mother sees me as a tool for her ambition, soo the mother goddess is more of a mother figure to me than my physical parents, nice to meet you.
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Re: Hello everyone, I'm knew.
Post # 3
Merry meet and welcome
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Re: Hello everyone, I'm knew.
Post # 4
Its nice to meet you too.
yeah I think your right, I think that paganism came to me.
when I first got into paganism I was at barnes and noble in the spiritual section, and this book about crystal healing came up, and it teached me how to cleanse, activate and meditate with stones, and ever since then I've been learning more about paganism.
if you want too talk message me. :)
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