My Experience, Help?

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My Experience, Help?
Post # 1
Back a few years ago, I had no interest what so ever in this subject or anything like it, and I did not do this purposely. I was sleeping, when suddenly I opened my eyes, I was above myself and I saw my actual body sleeping. It took me a few seconds (I think) to realize that I was me, and so was the body I was staring at. I freaked out. (This is where it gets weird, I think..) My "sleeping" body didn't move my my ap body was screaming, which I think awoke my sleeping self, I watched as she awoke and threw a water bottle across the room, and I remember my mom coming upstairs because she thought I fell out of bed when really it was just a water bottle, then (I don't know what it was like returning to my body because suddenly I was back there, in my body.) And I asked my mom if she heard a scream and she said no. I wasn't dreaming, I know for a fact I wasn't, because this was far, far, far too real. I can barely explain it.
I've had a similar experience recently where my body started shaking, and my eyes wouldn't open, it took a lot of concentration to "wake up" and when I did I felt ridiculously weakened. Can somebody explain this to me? It's been a mystery to me for far to long.
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Re: My Experience, Help?
Post # 2
Many people project in the dream state, many often don't even realize it. The shaking could have been vibrations that are reached before astral projecting. The inability to move is generally thought to be sleep paralysis which can be just as one falls asleep or wakes up. Some people envision things like monsters being in there room coming after them, but are unable to defend themselves due to the state. Some people acquainted the type accompanied by a waking hallucination with night terrors, but no positive correlation was made that I'm aware.
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Re: My Experience, Help?
Post # 3
agree with guidance. i suggest you not to freak out. The first case could have simply been yourself astral projecting and the second case a case of sleep paralysis. Don't worry. there's nothing to worry about. I myself used to go through this sleep paralysis thing about 4-5 years back. but fortunately it isn't considered as a dangerous health problem. :)
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