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Psi vamps

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Psi vamps
Post # 1
I have read a few threads about psychic vampires. Not sure if buy into it or not but if its true then how do you know if you are a psychic vampire and how would you stop being one if you were? I have also heard of a few elderly people saying that children are natural psychic vampires.
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Re: Psi vamps
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This is only a description of people who "take and use, the energy of others". Many elderly people do it to the young, forever wanting them to do this, do that, help me. (When they are quite capable of doing it themselves.)
Many of this type of Psi Vamp play on the emotions of others, "I am so helpless,please help me."
I have a friend whose elderly aunt is "sucking her dry". And all my friend can say is "She gets very upset if I don't help her".
I have met that elderly aunt; she is as tough as old boots! But definitely a "psi" vamp!
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Re: Psi vamps
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
And yes! Young children become experts at emotional blackmail, and drive their mother "round the bend".It is why mothers often "give in" because the child is so demanding.
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Re: Psi vamps
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

There are some people who refer to themselves as psychic vampires who claim they need the energy from others in order to feel healthy. The health claims are spurious. And calling oneself a psychic vampire may make you sound cool, but in earlier days before vampires became "cool" they were referred to as energy leeches and looked down upon by the magical community.

I don't believe that people are born needing to drain energy from others. It is a behavior that they learn and develop over time. In a way it is a form of addiction. It is totally possible to become addicted to energy just as it is to food, to drugs, to sex, or gambling, or any other thing. Energy makes us feel better for a period of time, then we need another "fix" so we take energy from another so we can feel good again. Learning to give up on this practice is hard because it deprives us of something that makes us feel better. But until we can turn our back on it and find another way of dealing with our needs then we remain addicts.

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Re: Psi vamps
Post # 5
Ah. I see. If i understand correctly then, its not something you are born with, you would know when you are doing it. And you have to make a concious decision to make someone else uncomfortable simply to make yourself feel better. I just wanted to make sure you cant accidentaly be one and not know it.
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Re: Psi vamps
By: / Novice
Post # 6

You can accidentally be one and not know it. Being naturally passive aggressive and not knowing it is an excellent way to be a psi vamp.

For some of those within the subculture community, it's different from just an addiction, and for others it is just an addiction; that's why it's so hard for people to state what exactly makes an energy leech an energy leech. I don't discuss this a lot, as many of the people on this website don't take the time to read all the words before judging a person, but I was an energy leech. Energy leeching was one of my very first energy workings (I think it was the third or fourth?), and because I didn't have anyone around who I could talk to about it, I just kept getting worse and worse until I needed it in order to properly function. I first began it to see if I could, then later I would take energy from people who upset me (I was 10 or so, so every little thing seemed huge) and I did it to make them feel bad. I didn't have morals about it, it didn't matter to me. Eventually I lost control of all the links I had to people and hurt a friend. After that, I shut down, cut all the links, and spent years intentionally keeping my energy from taking other people's. I can't say it doesn't bother me anymore, because from time to time I feel like a smoker reaching for that cigarrette that isn't there.

There are perfectly beneficial ways to use energy leeching however, and I'm trying to study up more information on this in order to better understand how people use it and not get addicted to it. It works in a simple and sometimes shamanic way; you simply remove those things from the person you are "bleeding" that are unhealthy for them. It's similar to actual leeches; if you walk in a pond full of them they could suck you dry, but used in medical compacities they can be highly beneficial.

I do not think looking down on energy leeches is something we as a community should do; it doesn't benefit anyone and for people who may not have anyone to go to due to our nasty attitudes towards it it hurts them. If someone had been there for me to explain what could happen from messing around with energy of other people, I wouldn't have done it. I would have had someone to help me. As for those who use people for their own purposes, there will always be those people and we can only try to warn a person against them. And the benefits of it used properly are enough for me to hope that maybe the unfortunate circumstances of some could be turned to uses for everyone involved. But that's just my hope.

Oh, also a psychic vampire and a psi vampire are two separate classifications in the vampire subculture. A psychic vampire is a psi vampire/energy leech with psychic ability, while a psi vampire is your standard category for all energy leeches. It's a very common mistake. :)

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Re: Psi vamps
Post # 7
I didnt understand the differences in the classifications. I thought i did at first, but then you said that they were all called the same thing. I use this energy sucking technique to heal. Pain, both physical and emotional. I recycle it inside of myself or ask dieties to channel it through me if i cant handle the load, which is a whole lot easier when its sunny, into positive, healing and calming energy and channel it back into them. I cant remember how many years ive been practicing this. I will say 7. I even did it with the christian god when i had to go down that road. Thanx for the feedback.
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Re: Psi vamps
Post # 8
I think every one can energy leech it's more that not many people know how. Say someone learnt how to feel only on negative energy and recycled it could they learn to it channel out the positive and take in more negative
Almost like a living purifier?
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Re: Psi vamps
Post # 9
Yes! Thats exactly how i feel sometimes! Although sheilding and staying home more has helped with that. I spend more time on the site now and so i see alot less people in pain very often. Thank you.
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Re: Psi vamps
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Barbi, I don't believe that what you are talking about is the same as being a psychic vampire. Psi vamps take the energy from someone else to make themselves feel good. What you are talking about is a form of energetic healing where you draw the pain and emotional distress from another, not for your own use but to help them. That's quite a different thing from being a psi vamp.

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