love vs. reconciliation

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love vs. reconciliation
Post # 1
I was wondering because nobody seems to clarify this question. If you have been in a relationship with someone you cannot do a love spell on that person anymore correct? because now they have memory and experience with you which should change the spell wouldn't it? would a love spell on an ex lover be just as effective as a reconciliation spell and I have read that you have to do a breakup spell before doing a reconciliation spell but what if the person is dating but not in a relationship then they have feelingsfor multiple people that you do not know. Just trying to learn, because from what I understand so far is that a love spell is for a crush and a reconciliation spell is for an Ex.
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Re: love vs. reconciliation
Post # 2
You can do a love spell at any point. In the middle of a relationship if you want. Quite a few people do it.

A reconciliation spell, as I understand them, is to bring the other person back. They'll return in the same state as before. So you would want to cast a love spell before then or at least some way of sweetening him up.

The only reason to cast a breakup one before reconciliation is if he's in another relationship already or you feel one is imminent. In your case, I don't think a break up one is necessary.

Hope that helps clarify things a bit.
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Re: love vs. reconciliation
Post # 3
It's not specific for a situation. I'm just trying to see the difference
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Re: love vs. reconciliation
By: / Novice
Post # 4
the difference is really related to intention. Then relative to the circumstances.

So break up work might be pertinent prior to or during reconciliation work.

Love work is guided by intention as well. So doing a love spell on someone you already know or been in a relationship with, or as the previous poster noted, concurrent in a relationship are all viable.

It comes down to intent in the differences and how your path/tradition calls for ritual work.

Make any sense? or do I not understand your question?


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Re: love vs. reconciliation
Post # 5
Has has it does make sense.... A little.
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