Cleaning spell for a ring

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Cleaning spell for a ring

Cleaning spell for a ring
Post # 1
I just got engaged. And I'm thrifty. More bang for the bucks. I got my diamond wedding band at a pawn shop. Is there a spell I can use. Incase the ring has bad karma?
Your advice is appreciated.
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Re: Cleaning spell for a ring
Post # 2

I read on a different magic website that you can put the ring on a bed of rock salt for 24 hours to cleanse it. Either way, Congratulations! I'm sure your karma will over shadow the rings karma. It needed a good home. :)
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Re: Cleaning spell for a ring
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Barbi has a spot on solution

I would only add discard the salt or salt water at a crossroads or in running water like a river or stream.

Congratulations, I sincerely hope you have a lifetime of happiness and joy! The world needs it!


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Re: Cleaning spell for a ring
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Barbi's way sounds wonderful however there is one detail that was seriously overlooked, your ring is made of metal. Rings especially ones made from precious metals will suffer serious damage if put in salt water or any type of saline solution, and can even discolor if left in the sunlight. Matter of fact every reputable jeweler will even tell you to take it off before showering, washing dishes, etc because even the mildest detergents will damage the metal.

Rule #1 in any cleansing ritual or spell is to know what it is you are cleansing, and what mediums it can be passed through without causing damage to the object.

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Re: Cleaning spell for a ring
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Salt water in general is a bad idea. It can corrode over time and depending on the setting, the first thing to become damaged are the spokes that hold the gemstone in place. It can also effect the gemstone.

Yes, odds are it's not going to fall to pieces the first time you do this, however, I wouldn't suggest messing with the possibilities especially when dealing with your future wife's ring ;)

The links provided discuss not only the effect salt water and chlorine have on jewelry, but also make suggestions for cleaning.

The use of a very little bit of ammonia is excellent. Ammonia is used in hoodoo as a purifier and cleanser so if you want to dip the ring in a liquid solution, that would give spiritual cleansing as well as make it look pretty.

You can also smudge the ring, which would eliminate the need to get liquid on it at all.
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