type of oujin board?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> type of oujin board?

type of oujin board?
Post # 1
Ok I been reading about people who pray god or angel for help when evil present following them and is either the god answer their prayer or the people put angel statue,angel painting or jesus necklace/picture etc to protect themself from the evil present,and mostly people believe that whatever item that related to god/angel have spirituality present and if that's true then angel oujin board only angel will move planchette since they is an angel picture on it and demon oujin board only demon will move it and plain oujin board only ghost will move it right?
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Re: type of oujin board?
Post # 2
A ouija board isn't used in that way really. It's to speak to spirits, not angels. I'm pagan, so I don't exactly believe in angels, but from my experience with the Christian religion, angels would not speak to us. Especially through a ouija board seeing as how it's technically against Christian beliefs to use one.
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Re: type of oujin board?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
symbols work if you believe in them. if you feel a pentacle is a symbol of the elements and can protect you, then it will. if you believe a crucifix is just a cross on the wall, then it won't. many pagans don't believe in Christian concepts [minus Christian Wiccans and the like] so carving angels on a board might not yield any protective results.

in regards to you views that an angel symbol will only call upon angels, doesn't work that way. a Ouija Board is more like a spiritual magnet, the person using the board pools energy into it, causing spirits, demons, and sometimes astral beings to be drawn towards the board. the spirit [or whatever] then channels through the user [or both if it's multiple people] to move the planchette and speak. casting a protective circle, and asking to speak to either a specific being or only a 'friendly spirit' are ways to protect yourself, but nothings ever that simple with a Ouija Board. they're not evil, they're a tool, but a powerful tool you need to be cautious around as a result. cleanse the area, people, and sometimes the board [depending on who you contacted and how many uses since the last cleansing] after every use to get rid of any lingering spirits/energy. if you feel it return, then you can cast a protection spell calling on angels, or hang an angel in the room to protect it. [if you believe in angels that is]
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