Sold Souls

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Sold Souls
Post # 1
I want to hear about those who have sold their souls - what happened, how has it affected you, was is it worth it?

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Re: Sold Souls
Post # 2
Hi owly,
there is no such thing as selling your are your soul and its impossible to detach yourself from your soul. Now i did hear of people who made pacts with non physical entities such as djin to getwhat they want but ofcourse there are always huge concequences because they could feed in your energy and suvk your power.
the real question is why would you consider this? Im guessing you must have a big wish that your willing to do anything to fullfill but u must also have a belief that says your wish is impossible unless you do something drastic such as selling your soul.
if thats the case my advice to you would be that in my opinion if you work with a *good* entity such as the Godess or your guardian angels then you will be a hundred times more powerful thsn if u choose to work witj. *evil* entities. Also you need to work on yourself and to get rid of your negative beliefs. You need to know that you are protected and the universe is working out for your highest good and trust in that. Also one last tip you need to stop feeling that your eish or desire is too hard or impossible. Your disbelief and resistance can block your dream from manifesting
blessed be :)
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Re: Sold Souls
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Cleo is right, you cant sell your soul as a commodity.
your soul is you and it cant be sold like you would a "good".

The notion of selling ones soul to infernal powers is a kind of Christian myth that was popularaized by Goethe in his play "Faustus". It exists in western literature and popular culture.

Making pacts with goetian beings means giving something in return for services rendered. For example, doing a love spell invoking the Undines powers you would swear to be true to that target for the rest of your life. woe betide the one who would break this. Another example in newer grimoire tradition is to offer a white candle treated with spearmint oil.

Some operators report making deals that are more complex and involve doing certain actions, offering energy physically or astrally. It depends on the relationship with the being.

Selling ones soul could be interpreted figuratively, however, as doing things you wouldn't ordinarily do and you feel really negative about it. An example would be a decent person who screws over a friend to gain wealth or something. Is that person still "decent?" Of course there is a road to redemption etc etc. But this seems to be outside of what you are asking.

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Re: Sold Souls
Post # 4
Hey there :)
Thanks for your reply.
Just to be clear, I am not looking to sell my soul. I'm just a naturally curious person :)
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Re: Sold Souls
Post # 5
not entirely impossible, while it is impossible to remove one's soul from physical body when alive, when dead, the silver cord which connects the two are broken, you're effected by the media image of soulless people walking around. I've only heard of it, but it was from a reputable source, my very own spiritual teacher, Tana Hoy, who saw this, not heard it. Demons who are clever have a pact with you about helping you achieve what you want. Then the power of the pact kicks in after you die, and they drag your soul to hell, because both the power of the pact and the laws which govern the astral planes entitle them to drag you to hell.
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Re: Sold Souls
By: / Novice
Post # 6

I hear what you are saying. I think however, that if you are operating from a purely, and in my opinion, limited Christian paradigm then that is the same kind of pact popularized in media and literature.

The concept that soul can be sold and sent to eternal damnation in an unpleasant place has an element of a fear tactic to keep people in line. And certainly, anyone who would be foolish enough to operate outside of a limted Christian paradigm would be worthy of such eternal torment? But then again, here we are in the figurative Garden of Eden being tempted by the serpent...and we all know how that ended.. ; )

Notions of heaven and hell and what those are as states of being after death work within a limited paradigm. In many traditions thoise conditions do not exist. There is greater wiggle room as some people view eternal existence as not being limited to only two very narrow concepts of afterlife. Eternal and infinite are very broad scopes of existence. Only two eternal choices that are polarities are in my opinion a VERY western concept that discounts other possibilities.

My question is why? Why so limited an outcome when lives and people are so complex?

To commit one's eternal existence outside of the physical plane to any being would be incredibly foolish, I think we can both agree on this. Who is to say that an outside being would want you for eternity though?

Anyway, food for thought.
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Re: Sold Souls
Post # 7
that's right, but either way it gets to keep your soul, there's nothing you can do if you've already sold your soul'''
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