Powdery Crystal

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Powdery Crystal
Post # 1
Hi all. I had 2 initally clear white quartz pillar but recently since November after decided to end my previous career, both pillar start to have white powdery substances forming on the surface of the quartz and after wiping it, I realise the interior were also getting cloudy. Just for information, I had placed my quartz pillar with my small quartz stone cluster and 2 small amethyst stone cluster with 1 pillar of black obsidian and yellow topaz. I don't think it was dust as if it was dust, it will show up very clearly on my black obsidian.
Beside these 2 pillar of white quartz pillar, the White phantom crystal pendant that I wore daily also show signs of cloudiness inside.

Is there ways to clear up my quartz? and what could be causing these changes? As the shop that I brought my crystals mentioned they were unaware of such occurrences.
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Re: Powdery Crystal
Post # 2
I've heard that if you do not cleanse them daily they can grow cloudy, or if they are exposed to a heated environment constantly. Try cleansing them with crabapple essence to prevent it from growing, also, the cloudiness could also be a positive sign.
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Re: Powdery Crystal
Post # 3
Thank you BlitheRose for the reply.
I don't think they are placed in a heated environment as my room is often in air-conditioned condition. But I think I will follow your advice on using crabapple essence to cleanse it and observe my quartz.

But you mentioned that cloudiness can be a positive sign. May I ask what type of positive sign?
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Re: Powdery Crystal
Post # 4
Well cloudiness has little to do with it's ability to amplify energies, so it could be a positive sign of energy, or something else. It all depends on how you view it. What disconcerted me was the fact that they grew cloudy, and not mined that way. Quartz are usually cloudy if they are mined in frosty places, I've never heard of one growing unclear over time so I assumed it to be energy. Native Americans, Druid priests, Tibetan monks, and priests of Christian Europe worship Quartz highly, so one of them might have a clearer answer.
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Re: Powdery Crystal
Post # 5
This may be oversimplified, but in accordance with the above post. It may be mold.
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