Tea bags

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Tea bags
Post # 1

The Site that is below is from a person dedicated in studying the truth of what they drink.

Be warn this stuff is shocking.

I found out some of my teas are nastily made and I drink them daily. Such as Tazo green tea.

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Re: Tea bags
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I would be very careful in accepting as true anything you find written by one person on the internet. Such information may or may not be true. If you're concerned then do some research of your own and see if what you find corresponds to what you've been told.

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Re: Tea bags
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Tea bags? I don't use them because I don't think they make good tea. But people have been using them for years with no harm.
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Re: Tea bags
Post # 4

The truth of the matter is that we do not know what is added to most foods and beverages that we eat and drink because the food industry and corporations do not give in depth access or detail to the public and consumers. Companies are only obligated to certain standards set forth by certain government agencies, however beyond that they are not obligated to reveal their processing and manufacturing methods.

If you don't trust something then don't eat or drink it as you certainly are not obligated to. Another thing to be weary about is foods and beverages listed as organic because these foods to are not under tight and enforced scrutiny and we all know many companies will do or say anything to earn more money.

However that is the glass half empty attitude. Remember that in addition to eating properly and healthily is that we should have an appropriate amount of exercise in our lives which seems to be lacking in most places around the world as we are all becoming or are complacent to the fast and easy availability of foods and other common amenities in life.

All you can do is try and eat right, get enough exercise and activity, and research things that concern you or you do not know much about. Other than that all you can do is try to live a happy, joyful, and stress free live and have fun doing it.

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Re: Tea bags
By: / Novice
Post # 5

May I also suggest that if you are uncertain, then you can alway make your own. :)

Spice teas are very easy and ifyou grow your own herbs then you can create your own and know what went into them.

It is no different then making incense or grinding them for spells, potions, or tinctures.

Add ingredients that you like for what benefits you want. Test the different combinations to find a blend that you like.

My personal favorite is spearmint, clove, cinnamon, bay leaf, sage, and stevia (obviously in different strengths). You can use paper tea bags or if you plan on doing this often I would invest in a deffuser so you do not get the paper taste. :)

If you want tea leaves then shop around. You can find that health stores can be s good place to start, or try growing your own if you have the ability and space to.

It is always more rewarding and healthier to drink or eat something you grew or made yourself. :)

Just a thought

Bright Blessing

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Re: Tea bags
Post # 6
Hmm... i wouldn't believe everything i see online there just isn't enough back up for me against all the positive things. Regardless i'm good because i only drink bottled to like lipton brisk and stuff, i use to bags for beauty purposes mainly.
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