Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!

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Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
Post # 1
Hello everyone, and thank you for viewing my thread.
To be brief, I would like to enlist a skilled spell caster(s) to fill my request for a beauty spell.

I have suffered and still continue to suffer with bouts of acne and uneven skin all the time. I've tried every product type imaginable and my bathroom is a graveyard for cosmetics. I also have uneven and blotchy skin on my legs, I don't tan and the last time I wore a pair of shorts in public was when I was 10, and I'm 23 now. In short, nothing has really worked well and hasn't done much for my self esteem either. My face however isn't the only issue, aside from lacking beautiful skin, I also lack proportioned breasts appropriate with my body type. Hence I'm big boned, but have no boobs. Fml. I suffer from pretty much every self confidence/beauty issue there is, therefore I get just about as much attention as a white crayon in the eye of the opposite sex. I am tired of being looked over, turned down, picked on, you name it. If you are a skilled spell caster and can help me with a beauty spell, I will let you know that I have something to offer you in exchange for your help. I do however have a plethora of gemstone beads and jewelry making supplies. I have a jewelry business I will be introducing into the world called Singing Tiger Jewelry, where I feature all of my one of a kind handmade designs.

And if you are able to help me, (which all I really need is beautiful skin and a set of boobs), and you happen to be involved in jewelry making, like gemstone beads, or are looking for specific gemstones, I believe we can help each other. Thank you so much for reading this post, all of you skilled spell casters would make such a difference in my world and make it brighter with your love and light as well as respect for your craft.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
No type of magic is going to help you look any different physically. Although there are spells you can cast to allow people to see you as you want to be seen. I'm not sure if there are herbs that could help you with acne but you can try. Also, maybe try seeing a doctor about the skin problem.

Also, your self-esteem issues may be part of the reason people don't want to be around you(Not judging or anything). Not everyone is interested in just looks but it's hard sometimes for some people to be around someone with a bad self-esteem because they feel like they are constantly holding the other person up. Try feeling better about yourself and maybe hanging out with a different crowd of people of the opposite gender and see where that takes you.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
Post # 3
Well it's not like I go around hating myself and making sure everyone knows it. I don't have low self esteem ALL the time. I mean when I dress myself up or go out with my girlfriends I don't have that problem, just covering up can be a pain. I've had this problem since I was a teenager. I've tried the pills, done the creams, all the fancy washes, changing my diet, tired almost every avenue to be able to change my skin. My acne isn't as bad as it used to be, thanks to herbs (which I know I need more of). I'm not one for giving up just yet, I know I just have to try new things still and pray I find something that works for me.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
The skin is the largest organ in the body, and is prone to all sorts of disfigurement; mostly caused by too much "grease" or not enough. Your type of skin condition can only be treated from the inside.
Lay off the cosmetics, they can make the condition worse.
Water that has had cabbage boiled in it can be very good. All the green vegetables are good for the skin.
You should really see a dermatologist for skin tests.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
Post # 5
I'd be willing to trade after the spell has been cast and I will record any changes or improvement, the better the change the more beads I will give for positive results. Ever strand I have ranges from $8-$80 per strand. I also have amazonite, tourmalinated quartz, green tigers eye, opal, various agates, onyx, goldstone, obsidian, snowflake obsidian, and white howlite. All of my gemstones are in the form of beads and come in strands about 7'' to 1 1/2' long in an array of shapes and sizes. I also have some gemstone jewelry already made. I also have pendants as well and can make one, mostly pendant beads are large and oval shape.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
Post # 6
I also have moonstone too.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
Post # 7
Sure if it will definitely help accomplish the spell properly, I will admit that I am rather skeptic, but positive that you're obviously skilled in your practice by wanting to require those ingredients. Almost sounding like a coven cast, which sounds great. What kind of gemstones are you interested in? I also have gemstone jewelry too. I also have tumbled tigers eye gemstones.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

I'm sorry, but truly what you are asking is not something that can be accomplished through the use of a spell. I think you're going to be both disappointed and also angry that you gave away some of your stones and nothing happened.

As Brysing said, you need to see a dermatologist about your skin problems. Often they are caused by chronic infection that won't go away with over-the-counter products. Only a dermatologist can determine what the problem is that is causing your recurring issues and then treat it appropriately.

As for having larger breasts, for that you need a plastic surgeon and breast augmentation surgery.

Re: Beauty Spell Cast Wanted!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
I agree that the reason of your poor condition might be your diet.
Too much junk food is not good for your skin ,nails and hair ,because they are made of similar cells and those require certain nutrition ,when they renovate themselves.
You need to know what is your type skin and start to treat yourself from inside not only outside ,because many substances do not penetrate the skin entirely to treat it.

I make sure that I get all minerals and vitamins in my diet plus essential fatty acids as Omega -3.Biotin also helps hair,nails and skin.I make sure I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in different colors and I do have some protein too.Make sure you drink enough water too.Make sure you are not allergic toward something ,some people who are slightly lactose not tolerant break out a lot from milk or other products.I will also recommend you to have hormonal check ,because hormonal imbalances can cause break outs and underdevelopment of mammary glands.

Overall you need to remember that looking after yourself and looking good is important ,however loving yourself is even more important.If somebody really loves you they will love you no matter your imperfect appearance.Everyone of us has imperfections ,nobody is perfect.

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