communicate with angel?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> communicate with angel?

communicate with angel?
Post # 1
Hello,i've read a lot of stories about people who communicate with angels whether is physicaly or mentally and I was hoping anyone can give me some tips on how I can communicate with angel without using any ingredient and I was wondering why some people who can communicate with angels while others cannot?

I got a few problems of what I lack of visualisation,concentration meditation,communication (even humans!) and I got adhd
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Re: communicate with angel?
Post # 2
Unlike demons angels dont like to be found dont take it personally but you probably wont be able to talk to one but who knows maybe they like you if that was the case they would easily open themselves up to you but there exclusive creatures they help without being seen sorry but i dont think you will be able to talk to one unless u were dead or something along the line
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Re: communicate with ange
Post # 3
I am assuming that if you beleive in angels then you beleive in god. You can pray to god through jesus that the holy spirit bestow upon you through gods power the ability to communicate directly with the angels. There are many ways to go about this. You could also go to your pastor and possibly he has some sacred knowledge on how to do this. Honestly im not sure why you would want to do that though unless thats gods plan for you. But only you could say for sure. And in that case, you don't always get what you pray for and it happens in gods time. Not yours. I hope that was helpful.
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Re: communicate with angel?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
You can talk to angels and you will get a positive response. work on meditation to help put yourself into a proper spiritual/mental state.

This is a roma (gypsy) spell to call upon the archangel Sandalphon. research him, talk to him and youll be surprised with the results.

Sandalphon is one of the most remarkable of the archangels because of many reasons:

- He makes possible the initiation into the Tree of Life system.
- Most often, he is the first archangel to be seen in the Tree of Life.
- He presides over the Malkuth (the Earth Zone).
- He is one of the two archangels with human origin.
- He is the master of all of the spirits and angels of the Earth.
- He is one of the greatest protectors of human kind.
- He is quite humanlike / he often takes shape of Ilijah
- He has great sense of humor.
- With his help, it is possible to communicate with other archangels as well, like: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Metatron, etc.
- He is helping a man in his spiritual endeavour and makes his life be like art.
- He can be also helpful in Enochian magick and tarot, but his main field is kabbala.
- He has special relations with another human archangel Metatron who is in Kether "As above, so below".
- Wherever he goes, he brings the Earthly paradise with himself.
- Many children dream of him.
-Through nightly prayers to Sandalphon, he may assign magicians a spirit guide to assist in astral projection.

Buy a green or white candle, write the words sandalphon dey mah bock and lowvay (Roma for sandalphon bring me luck and money)

Then cut your finger drawing the littlest amount of blood placing it underneath the candle, this will serve to make a link with sandalphon.

Then light the candle, saying "sandalphon sandalphon sandalphon sandalphon untho sweento nav oh Adonai ha'aretz ehyeh asher ehyeh dey mah bock (said like rock but with a b instead of r sound) lowvay and susstymose oh sandalphon answer my requests in the name of YHSVH Amen)

("untho sweento nav oh" means in the holy name of. "dey mah bock" means give me luck and health" in Roma, I'm using the language because barbarous words will most likely place you in a better state of mind".

Next look into the candle and visualize the energy and luck of Sandalphon coming down through the candle into you
Sit there a few minutes, then you can either kill the light and do it again, or leave it burn out.

Try positioning the candles around and see what works best for you. Having the mirror placed outside of the circle may be better for you, if you are finding that you are getting fearful throughout the procedure - however please note that Sandalphon is an Archangel and as such will do you no harm.

Good luck on your journey and please let us know how your results go!

Blessings and Light!

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Re: communicate with angel?
Post # 5
Your angels are the easiest beings in the spiritual planes to communicate with. They will communicate with you in whatever ways you are naturally most comfortable communicating in.

A good way to start is with angel numbers. They are repeating numbers you see throughout the day. Anything that you could consider "out of the ordinary" that you see repeating continuously is a sign from your angels. With angel numbers, this site can help you gain a overall view of them but to really understand what is being said, you must look within and use your inner knowing. Their messages will directly relate to your current situations and you will often find the angel number will directly relate to whatever you may be thinking about at the time you see it so it is good to keep these thoughts in mind when understanding these messages.

The main thing when it comes to communicating with your angels is the desire and persistence. Their communication can come through literally any form so the more you are aware and open to their messages, the more they will communicate with you on a conscious basis. Their messages could come through something you see on TV or something someone says or a sign you pass on the road or literally anything. Your inner knowing will know it when it comes and will direct you as needed, if you allow it to.

The big thing when it comes to communicating with your angels is not to look for false signs. If you seek false signs, they will be presented. You must remove all forms of delusion that cloud your mind. The clearer your mind becomes, the clearer their messages will be.
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Re: communicate with angel?
Post # 6
Honey, you chose your angels before you were born, but they aren't allowed to interfere with your life unless you give them permission. They want to help, but you have to make the first move. Go on and read on how to contact them. You find out their names first then you can communicate with them freely. They're there, you just need to call them.
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Re: communicate with angel?
Post # 7
The key is to be open and just ask and wait to receive. Not down every occurence you think relevant and judge whether or not you believe it to be mere coincidence or something is really happening. You'll know the latter via repetition and profound experience.

Thor gave you some good advice for contacting Sandalphon, succeeding in that will open many doors for you.

Above everything believe in yourself and your innate abilities.

Blessed Be.
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