Telekinesis and Magia

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Telekinesis and Magia
Post # 1
If any of you are interested in Magick then you might be interested in Kinesis or Magia it is basically elemental power or a force but within you,no spells,chanting,candles any of that.Just you your will and aura.(Chackra,ki,Chi)If interested talk to me

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Telekinesis and Magia
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Kenisis isn't possible. It is fantasy as in not real .
Kenisis and the concept of defies the laws if nature that all beings and matter have to obey by. Magick is no different.
I suggest you re address the concept of the possibilities of magick and aline yours to that. However as things stand today in January 2014 it isn't possible.

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Magick is working with the energies of the universe and it is mainly spiritual. Telekinesis is related to mind and mind power. There is a vast difference between the two. One is possible while the other is not.
At present, it is not possible to do telekinesis with the human mind power. Telekinesis is not possible either with the help of magick. As autumn told, magick works with the laws of universe and does not defy them or cross the limitations of reality.
Hence, please refrain from spreading or feeding false information, as simply put, telekinesis is 'not possible' and neither is element manipulation nor any form of kinesis. Elements cannot be controlled. This is not a fantasy site and life is not avatar the last airbender. It's surprising how people expect so much from magick.

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
Post # 5
Forgive me but you both are incredible wrong. Why? Answer is every single thing is possible. But there is not alot of peoples with talent like such. Of course you can develop your ability of doing both kinesis and magia. Why peoples say it is impossible? For that kind of ability you need TIME and WILL. It is easy to say that they dont work but it is bullshit. If you want something to work you need to practice. Remember the saying practice make you master? But there is also some truth in your answers. Einstein proven that all forces are bending of space forces. If we learn to bend them by our will we would control nature. Kinesis is learning to bend those forces with power of will and inner energy.

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
Post # 6
Telekinesis is not possible and just because you rant about it dosent make it true, Also just a reminder that role-playing is not allowed in the forums and please watch your language

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
Post # 7
Until you prove that it does not exsist, it exsist. I have been reading a book called book of unxplainrd. There clearly saids that pk (psychokinesis powers) have been proven by science.

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
"Practise makes a man perfect" - nice words aren't they? But practising what seems unreasonable and unrealistic does make one master in that. Say if you practise night and day to lift a house, will that make you do that? Will it make it easy or does that waste your time on something that is clearly known to be not possible? Kinesis is similar to this example, trying something meaningless that does nothing but waste your time. You may continue with your opinion or believe whatsover, but stop feeding false news to others.

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
Post # 9
Ever heard for Seed on seed bread, stone on stone palace (probably not it is our national saying). What it means is that you develop step by step and you start with lifting piece of paper then pencil then a hat and so on. My point is you can develop all that through power of will and practice but i havent said that anyone can do that. Also look all gods and godness of our believe have omni power. That means that if they wouldnt havent omni powers they would not be god but just "mortal person". If they have no ability they aren't gods. Conclusion saids that god can only exsist if he has omni powers and that mean that they EXSIST. Now ask yourself who is giving fake hope to newcommers i with

Re: Telekinesis and Magia
Post # 10
theory or you with not argumented words...

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