Spell Casting?

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Spell Casting?
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Okay so recently I just broke up with my bf. I hurt him by saying something really bad and he's been hurt before. Right now I know he's scared to take me back and he's hurting. I've been doing everything I can think of to get him back. Just a few days ago he told me he has a new gf and that he loves her. I don't believe that at all. He probably has strong feelings for her but I know its not love. It took him a long while to say the "L" word to me. He hardly knows her and it's only been a month. I believe she is holding him back from me also. He told me we could still be friends, then an hour later he calls and says "my gf doesn't think it's a good idea; goodbye". Just a week ago he said he was still in love with me and part of him still wanted to be with me. Now this? It sounds crazy I know but I know she has something to do with it. Right now he probably sees her as a shoulder to cry on and is confusing it with love. Anyway, after that I became desperate to get him back and that's when I came across these love spells. At first I was all for it, then I came across a website and called the number on it and the lady gave me a free psychic reading over the phone. She knew his name and everything and I didn't even give her my name. She said that he is hurting(which I knew) and is very confused and there is a negative spirit keeping him away from me. She said our connection was very strong and instead of doing a spell she suggested that we should have a spiritual cleansing done and that could bring him back without doing a spell. She told me it would be cheaper the a spell also. So I was wondering are there any thoughts or opinions? I really don't to do a spell but I also want him back
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