Trying to do good...

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Trying to do good...
Post # 1
Hi, I am pretty new to this but I was looking for suggestions on a situation for a friend of mine. Sorry this is long and when you read this, just know I have a big heart and want good for all in this situation. I have a friend who has confided in me that he is not happy in his marriage. I do know he has constantly lied and cheated on her the entire time. He knows it is wrong and is working on himself. He is also at the point that he is thinking about ending the marriage because he admits to never being happy with her. On the flip, I sympathize with his wife as someone who was lied to and constantly cheated on. She doesn't deserve that and I want her to see she is strong enough to survive outside of this relationship. On top of that, since there is so much tension and fighting in the house, it is effecting the kids. They are having trouble in school and having emotional issues. They shouldn't have to go through that. So my question is, what, if any, are good spell sequences are there to help in this situation? I know it sounds bad but at this point, the relationship isn't good for any of them involved. Thank you.
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Re: Trying to do good...
Post # 2
First, I would ask them if they are open to having any spell done for them. It could be as simple as a cleansing to rid their house of negativity. If they are open to you you could work with them to do a spell or ritual to banish the negative from their lives. Be careful though as that can have drastic effects for all concerned. When you are purging negativity from your life it can result in family changes, job changes, and a whole host of other things. It can literally feel like your life has been turned upside down. In the end it normally works out for the best though. If they aren't already, you might recommend that they see a counselor too. There are times that you have to just step back and let them deal with their situations themselves. It is hard to do when you care about all involved, but sometimes it is necessary. If you are friend with the whole family, try just talking to each individual. Maybe even discreetly leave information on family counseling in their mailbox. Over all, changing habits, opening communication, and dispelling negativity is what it sounds like is needed. Communication is probably a big one.
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Re: Trying to do good...
Post # 3
I would suggest to him burning sage to rid the home of unwanted negative energys and cleanse it. Or insence to help brig peace and happyness inro the home.
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Re: Trying to do good...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Do not, under any circumstances, interfere with a married couple.You will be the one to get hurt!
Sympathy,yes. Tell them you are sorry to hear of their troubles, But the troubles are theirs; not yours.
You cannot really know what goes on behind closed doors. Even if both tell you about what problems they have, listen with sympathy, and say nothing!
You may very well be wanting to help. Don't! It will end with one or both hating you.
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Re: Trying to do good...
Post # 5
Thank you for your responses! I have suggested counseling and they have done it twice with neither one working on things. All 3 of you gave good's just heartbreaking to see all of this from the outside. I'm glad I asked before casting...even if I had good intentions for all! Thanks again!
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