Transcending Realms

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Transcending Realms
Post # 1
I'm beginning a new study in other realms such as the Fae, and ways one might get from here to there. Any ideas or lore on the subject is greatly welcomed.
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Re: Transcending Realms
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Look into the Kabbalah
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Re: Transcending Realms
Post # 3
According to norse tradition their are 9 realms including Midgard, or middle earth/the world we call home.
Asguard: home of the Asier. This is also where the hall of Valhalle was located.
Nifelheim: This is one of the two realms of the original creation. It is an icy wasteland with oceans of poison.
Jotunheim: This is the home of the Jotun, or giants. This is not accurately depicted in the movie Thor because it is much like earth, and the Frost giants only live in the frozen north. This is also the home of ogres and the "wolf men", as they were giants who were exposed to a magical and deadly spring.
Swartalfheim: This is the home of the Swartalf and Dwarves. Both are master craftsmen, but the dwarves are responsible for making artifacts like Odin's spear, Mjolnir, and Nojor's magic ship.
Midgard: Earth...
Muspelheim: The second world of original creation. This world is a land of fire and valcanos and is the home to the first being. , the Asier's greatest enemy.
Vaneheim: This is the home of the Vahner. These are earth gods, or gods of nature.
Alfheim: This is the home of the Alf. It is a lush green world and is the center of a type of powerful magic.
Helheim: This world is the world of death. All dead who were not claimed go here. This realm is ruled by the godess Hele, Loki's forsworn daughter. She is not without pity though, only oathbreakers and murderers go to the poison pits where they are burned with poison. This is also the prison of Loki. I'll let you do more research.

I recomend that you learn runes if you choose to do more research into these worlds, and there are many modes of transit between.
Mesage me if you want to learn more.
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Re: Transcending Realms
Post # 4
The Fae are also an interesting thing to study, but be careful because they have been the center of hoaxes since the Middle Ages.
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