To Find New Love

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To Find New Love
Post # 1
I am wanting to cast a spell for my best friend. She got out of a serious relationship a few months back, and with the New Year coming, wants to find a new love. She already knows the attributes she wants in her new man, she has a list already made out, which helps, so it's just a matter of finding a spell that will help her find that. And before anyone asks, yes I have her permission to cast it, she's the one who asked for my assistance.

Thing is, the love spells I specialize in are aimed for people who are looking love from specific people. So if anyone can recommend me a spell that would work for her, we'd greatly appreciate it :)
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Re: To Find New Love
Post # 2
Hi aedah :) you can try burning a 7day vigil love drawing candel and put the paper with all the qualities of the man under the candle. Also let your friend take cleansing and love drawing baths and use love or goddess soap when she showers. Then she can wear love drawing oil as perfume maybe a rose quarz pendant and sprinkle love powder in her shoes :)
hope thats helpful.
blessed be
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Re: To Find New Love
Post # 3
Thanks, Cleo! Will be sure to get her to try these all. Any particular kind of vigil candle that works best? And I should have love attracting oils and powders she can use :)
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Re: To Find New Love
Post # 4
I think come to me or attraction vigil would work best to attract new love :) you can even create a love attracting mojo bag and also i read somewhere that u can even make a honey jar and write soulmate in the petition paper instead of the name of the guy and ofvourse your an expert on how to make a honey jar! :)
good luck Aedah keep us posted on how it works out for you :)
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