What are the main paths

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What are the main paths
Post # 1
i don't know the main paths of magic and i don't know which path to choose to go down so can someone help me? please?...
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Re: What are the main paths
Post # 2
Check into some of the forums on this site, and visit your local metaphysical stores and shops. The more information you have the better desiccation you can make. Now I don't think their are set paths, however their are a few "main" traditions" Paganism, Wiccan, Shamanism, Satanism, and Voodoo. Now each of these traditions have their own separate off shoots or branches. Practicing either "light" or "Dark" magic is depended on the caster and their intent.
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Re: What are the main paths
Post # 3
You should do research on finding your path, you see no one can choose a path for you, it is what you will have to do yourself. You should see what you are interested in and then research your interests to see if they match with a path that you want to take. Also their is no such thing as a "Main" path that is up to you on how you see your path.
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Re: What are the main paths
Post # 4
Paganism is an umbrella term covering many religious and philosophic paths. It is not one strict religion and there are many, many people who fall under the heading of pagan.

Wicca, and its many variations, tends to be the most well-known out of the pagan faiths in many English speaking countries.

Asatrua and Heathenism are two branches of Norse paganism.

Celtic polytheism and reconstructionism are two headings for Celtic-based faiths, of which the latter tends to be heavily involved in recreating Celtic religion, culture, and involves a lot of heavy research.

Lev Paganism is a shorthand term for the various religions that have grown out of the Canaanite and Egyptian faiths or those from surrounding areas. Kemetic Orthodoxy is the big one of these.

Satanism and Luciferianism may or may not be considered pagan, depending on which of the practitioners you ask. It's personal choice, and some prefer not to be considered pagan.

There are Abrahamic pagans who follow, more or less, a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic faith with pagan aspects added in. I've seen more Christopagans than anything else.

There are also Greek and Roman pagans, who follow different paths related to the Greek and/or the Roman deities, and others from the surrounding areas. Hellenism tends to be the main term involving Greek paganism.

There are popular culture pagans who idolize or worship fictional characters or celebrities, as is their prerogative.

And then people who create their own religions, following entities that have presented themselves to these followers as deities.

And there are many eclectic pagans who take on various aspects from many paths and religions.

There are pagans who incorporate ideas from Buddhism and Shintoism into their faith, as well as other religions and philosophies.

It should be noted that the Mayan and Azteca faiths are still practiced today by their indigenous people, and like those of the Native Americans and First Nations, they are closed practices. Taking aspects from them is racist and culturally appropriative. It is highly disrespectful and rude, and should b avoided at all costs.
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Re: What are the main pat
Post # 5
Puma, i liked what you had to say but i am a little confused as to what you mean by popular culture pagans? Can you give an example of one of these fictional characters? Alot of times hollywood and comic books can take a diety mainstream and for people who were linked to that diety prior to its popularity they may feel a teeny bit insulted by the way that the term was used.
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Re: What are the main paths
Post # 6
Thank you all for your help!
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