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read me
Post # 1
So I'm wondering I've been hearing about people seeing creatures for higher planes like dragons or stuff like that in this plane and I'm wondering how do you she them I mean I have the sixth sense or so I call it witch let's me sense what's around me much better then normal people and also cheat at. Card games (which is actually how i first learned this)and i can't she theme can't sense them (well actually really rearly I do sense something mainly in the park but I chuck they up with I'm being paranoid most times) so any sugjections (also I don't know how to AP and can't get even close to it)
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Re: read me
Post # 2
Usually when people refer to seeing the various entities, they are talking about seeing them when projecting in some way. Some entities will try to react with you, or be around, where you can see/sense them on the physical plane, but it isn't that common unless you are a medium, they want something, or have many years of practice to open yourself more up to them. Also, just because you have a heightened sense, doesn't mean you will be able to sense every entity, as they can hide their presence, or you may not be used to their energy and not realize it is even there.
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Re: read me
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Hi Karlisb.

Not everyone can see dragons on the physical plane. Dragons are astral beings, and they appear like spirits. You can see dragons through guided astral projection and meditation. You can even perform rituals to help you see astral dragons on the physical plane. I've never tried a ritual like that though because most of the time, I see dragons on the astral plane.

Here are some links on astral projection:

Boosting your psychic senses can also help too. Here's a link about different psychic senses.

Hope this helps. Blessed Be.


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Re: read me
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Astral Projection from Misc Topics.
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Re: read me
Post # 5
It is possible to see the entities on certain nights such as the new moon, full moon, or especially blue moon, when the lines between planes are blurrred or the planes overlap and if your third eye is opened and trained.
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Re: read me
Post # 6
Actually I have thought myself how to see entitys at will (well actually I mostly see desturtions unless it wants me to see it, but I can even see the ones that try to hide) and any other energy's on the astral plane (for those who don't know the earth owarlays with the astral plane) its actually the same as seeing auras for me, no need torreplay to this, but feel free to ask me how to do it at will
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