A gift idea

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A gift idea
Post # 1
Everything you need this year jar kits: Ingredients-Instructions 1. Bath salt. Element-Earth. Salt is a mineral made up of positively charged ions. Positive and negative cannot exist at the same place at the same time, thus, bathing in salt literaly washes negativity down the drain. Lavender. Attracts love with its sweet aroma and promotes calmness naturaly. Start your bath and pour in the crystals. 2. Candle: Elements-Air and Fire. The circle represents protection. A candle flame produces gentle heat and light that causes molecules to vibrate at a higher frequency making them easier to manipulate by an intelligent form. Light your candle and get in the bath. Keep the peice of chocolate within reach and the candle where you can see it. However, you will want to let the candle burn all the way out after you get out of the bath. About 2 hrs. 3. Water: Element- well... water. Of course. Water also represents all of the feminine and godess like aspects of our universe. While you are soaking, breathe in,
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Re: A gift idea
Post # 2
Imagine the oxygen being absorbed into your bloodstream. Through your lungs. And being carried to all the parts in your body where it is neede. Everythi is as it should be. Now breathe out. A little longer and harder than normal. Getting she of all that carbon dioxide and anything else you foot need. All is well. 4. Chocolate: The food of the gods. This piece represents masculenity in our world. It has antioxidants for cleansing the inside and it causes your brain to produce endorphines. A chemical reaction that creates happiness and euphoria. Eat the chocolate. - soak as long as you like and them let the water out of the tub. Draining away the years negative energy. Get out. Dry off. Get dressed. 5. Sage Charm: For protection from negative energy. With cinnamon and sugar to attract wealth and abundance and sweeten any situation to your liking. Put it in your purse or wallet. It is good for one year.
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Re: A gift idea
Post # 3
I love this :) thank you barbi your awsome!
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Re: A gift idea
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spell Suggestions.
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