Theory on time & spirits

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Theory on time & spirits
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Besides practicing, I have been a ghost hunter for years. I have been thinking for a while now and have come up with an idea about the paranormal that could possibly lead somewhere(?) and would love to hear your input. I've been tossing this thought in my head for a while now and have no idea what to do with it so here's my theory.
There's this theory I read about a while ago, explaining about how time is slowing down. They say the universe isn't "rapidly expanding," but we're viewing it "rapidly expanding" because we're all slowing down. It also says how eventually time, like an old pocket watch, will just eventually wind down and just stop.
This got me first thinking about people in the past. Is the rate of time we live in today slower than that of then? Can that explain why the older we get the faster time seems to fly? Because the rate of time we were born and raised in contrasts to those younger than us? Meaning the rate of time we lived our life in is constant. It doesn't change from our perspective, but the world slows down around us so we're perceiving time faster. If this is true, does this continue in the after-life? As a spirit, do we continually stay in the rate of time we lived in, while the world around us slows down?
If so, this could explain the delays in answers to questions during EVP, Ovilus, and Spirit Box sessions, since to them we'd be talking in slow-mo. It could also explain why some of the answers are so quick and how some voices are so high-pitched (since the higher frequencies move faster). Even the EM fields spirits seem to "emit" can be explained through this. If they are "balls of energy/electricity" moving at such fast rates, this could cause static electricity, leading to the the EM field. And last, this could explain why spirits are recorded moving so damn fast. (On this note, I'd like to ask you to maybe incorporate some slow-motion cameras in investigations. Even if this theory isn't fully valid, imagine the frame by frame it would catch of spirits!)
I immediately connected it with the occult, how the casting of a circle in the beginning of all rituals could represent a clock. You start out facing East and work around clockwise.(I've done this many times in evocation) Thus you're symbolically "speeding up time" to talk to other beings who (if this is all true) are on a faster rate of time than us.

I feel that a lot of skeptics out there are skeptics because they either have their faiths that deny the supernatural or have no valid proof to not deny the supernatural. The science is there, why can't the unexplained be explained?
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