ammonia jar spell

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ammonia jar spell
Post # 1
Hi everyone,
tonight i tried the ammonia jar spell that i read about and would like to share it with you all as well as update you with its progress.
so the purpose of this jar spell is to reverse a situation and turn it around so it goes in the direction you desire.
on a piece of white papper write the situation *as it is* th e papper should be wide enough to wrap around tge inside of your jar. Tape the papper to the inside of the jar with the writting facing in. Fill your jar with enough ammonia so when you turn the jar upside down it would cover the piece of papper.
the papper is a symbol of your unwanted situation the ammonia banishes the situation and reversing the jar acts as a symbol of turning the situation around. The whole time you should visualize the problem being vanished and focus on the desired outcome
according to what i read you can do this spell at anytime however i recommend doing it on a saturday on a wanning moon to increase the effectiveness and power of banishing!
i hope my situation will begin to get reversed and get nbetter and i hope some of you can try this and achieve success with it as well.
love and blessibgs to all
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Re: ammonia jar spell
Post # 2
Do be careful, ammonia can be harmful.
This spell/ritual/thing sounds interesting. I've never herd of such a thing, nor do I understand the principles in place, but do as you will.
Good luck with it! :)
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Re: ammonia jar spell
Post # 3
Thanks but why do u think ammonia is harmful? As far as i know ammonia is typically used for cleansing and banishing negativity...some people even put a spoon if ammonia when taking a spiritual cleansing bath.
The idea behind this jar spell is that the ammonia will wash away the problem and by turning the jar along with the paper inside upside down you are symbolically turning the situation around
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Re: ammonia jar spell
Post # 4
Too much exposure to ammonia may cause serious upper respiratory problems. Chronic bronchitis has been associated with long term ammonia inhalation.

Read more:
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Re: ammonia jar spell
Post # 5
Ofcourse ammonia is dangerous and toxic. In this spell u pour the ammonia in the jar u close the jar you flip it over and keep it in a dark closet. You most certainly do not inhale it everyday.
thanks for that link though
blessed be
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Re: ammonia jar spell
Post # 6
I have used the ammonia jar spell and it has worked well and fast. Now what to do with the jar? Bury it? crossroads? Thanx!
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