Abundance spells

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Abundance spells

Abundance spells
Post # 1
I need some sort of money/abundance spell that doesn't require materials.
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Re: Abundance spells
Post # 2
Write one! Really, that's the best way to go about ritual is to write your own. The craft is meant to be walked as an individual path; if you're looking to create a specific situation in your specific circumstances, you'll have the best luck creating a personal ritual instead of following one made for somebody else's.
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Re: Abundance spells
Post # 3
Im sure there are other deities but when I do anything relating to abundance or prosperity I call upon Lakshmi. She is one of the deities that I work closely with. She works well with Ganesh.

Ganesh will remove any obstacles in the way to achieving what you want. And Lakshmi will bless with you abundance and prosperity.

But Ganesh does like to challenge you and sometimes will put obstacles IN your path to see if what you are going after is something you really, really want.
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Re: Abundance spells
Post # 4
Hello Everyone,

I am suffering from financial crisis.

well I am looking for wealth/money related Amulets to carry with me or money charms to atrract money into my life.

please suggest me,

Any amulets to wear.
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Re: Abundance spells
By: / Novice
Post # 5
this is a spell I sued from the website. it requires a green candle. I had positive movement within 12 hours after casting it. Someone asked me about it and I sent them a pm. heres my copy/pasta of it:

Good luck I hope it works for you.

Blessings to you. Here is a detailed description of what I did. This job requires approval from some more people, but the spell pushed things forward.

Here is the spell from the website.

Cast a circle. Carve the rune for wealth into the candle and light it. Meditate on your intentions and charge the candle with power. Then take the item to be made into a charm in your dominant hand and whisper to it exactly what you want. Then, pass the charm quickly through the flame and speak the following words:
''By the power of charm and fire
I draw to me what I desire
Prosperity I seek to gain
Employment I will soon attain''
Imagine getting a job as clearly as you can. Visualize it with perfect clarity and focus your will on making it happen. Keep the charm with you until you become employed.

As with all my spells I meditated beforehand visualizing what I wanted, a quick positive response and more positive responses as I continue to go through the process (getting this job is very difficult and there are a lot of people who have to approve me)

I created my circle using salt, and lbrp, a bit unorthodox but its what I do. I called upon my guardian angel, the saints and any good spirits that could hear me to assist me in achieving a positive response within the next 24 hours. I circled myself and my altar/workspace three times calling upon my angel and spirits each time to assist me.

I personalized the spell a bit for myself. I carved the fehu, dagaz, and jara runes several places on my white candle. I anointed the candle with holy oil in an upward direction from the bottom. I locuted my intentions and desires through the anointing and carving.

I studied runes a bit before I prepared for the spell. These runes are for wealth, and positive change, immediate and long term change. If you think you want to use Nordic runes then study them a bit and see what appeals to you and your circumstances. fehu is a very strong rune for wealth and prosperity.

I whispered my intentions and desires to my charm, which was a penny three times. I used a very assertive voice and focused as much power as I could into it. I visualized white energy being transferred to the charm and coming from myself and the candle.

I passed the charm through the light of the candle three times each time assertively demanding (but not being a jerk...I hope)that I receive a positive response in an email and that I receive my deployment orders very very soon. I used the words from the website spell and just added my own specific needs to it.

I focused on the light of the candle for about 10 minutes further visualizing myself opening my email and seeing words like ''approved'' ''moving forward'' ''pleased to make an offer'' things like this. I visualized myself getting off the plane in the Saudi desert and smiling because I made it. I ended by asking my angel and any saints and spirits to guide this spell and deploy me soon and be successful in my new job.

Then I let the candle burn. I had to leave so I snuffed it out. When I came back I relit it and continued to focus.

I followed planetary correspondences. The spell was done on sunday (the day of the sun, for prosperity) and at the hour of Jupiter (money and prosperity) I timed it with the moon being full because I believe in that energy.

here is a link for that if that's helpful arcorresponds.html

Best of luck to you finding a GOOD and lucrative job can be daunting. I have been trying to get in overseas for four years now so there have been lots of ups and downs through the process. My cast pushed through a wall for me I firmly believe that. I truly hope it does the same for you!

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Re: Abundance spells
Post # 6
Thank You Thorleifc for such a Great Spell.

Hats off to you dear.

I am suffering from Unemployment since last 3 years, trying hard each & every day but always getting disappointment.

Will surely try this spell to get employed.

Thank You Once Again.

I have 1 question, Can we use anything as a charm like Coin, dollar bill, amulet etc.

And till how much Shall we carry that charm with us whole day in our pocket or at home itself.
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Re: Abundance spells
Post # 7
Thor. You have inspired me to study planetary correspondences. I have been putting it off because i was associating it with astronomy and star charts and it seemed like such a daunting task...little bites i guess.
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Re: Abundance spells
By: / Novice
Post # 8

you can use any item you want for a charm I imagine. a paper bill might catch fire though....

I found that spell on the website, but ive seen it floating around elsewhere too. in other "versions" once you get your job, you should give the charm to someone who is really down on their luck. so that seems like a nice thing to do with the charm.

I should mention the spell calls for a green candle, but I used white and I also chanted the runes as I carved them on the candle. like this: f-f-f-f-f-fe-fe-fe-fe-fe-fehu-fehu-fehu-fehu... and the rest. There is a vibration to them that you want to tap into. your mileage may vary ; )

hope it works out.

in terms of correspondences, some are super rare. like casting a love spell when the moon is waxing but on a Friday when the moon is in a water sign...only one date for that in 2014 and that's in November!!


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