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Book of Shadows
Post # 1

Okay, if you watched "Charmed" a tv show on TNT, then you would see this big huge book that contains information on everything magickal. Well that is what is called a "Book of Shadow".

Well in real life the "Book of Shadow" is a journal that people use to jot down; emotions, little bios about spirits and other things that related into magickal topics.

The would also place in impotant dates, spells, and rituals. The "Book of Shadow" can be of any size, many people prefer though it to be big in size. It will contain more information that way.

The "Book of Shadow" can contain what that person fears, its like a dairy or a journal. The "Book of Shadow" shouldn't be looked upon by anyone without your permission, most people curse their book, in order to keep spirits, humans, and other things out of it.

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Re: Book of Shadows
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Book of Shadows
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

My Book of Shadows/Grimoire is a normal composition book. I write it in runes so no one can read it but me and my magick partner. I don't curse my book though, I hide mine. Your Book of Shadows can be anywhere, like a computer or binder, and it doesn't have to be in a book.

There is also more you can include in a Book of Shadows.

  • Results of the spell/ritual. When you include the results of the spell/ritual, you should write the date, what your goal was/additional information. For example, if you casted a love spell and you saw results, you should write the name of the person that you want to like you. Some people also write a goal down for the spell/ritual they performed.
  • Your magickal beliefs/rules. Usually people write about their magickal beliefs in detail around the beginning of their Book of Shadows. Many people have different beliefs, so you should write out your belief's rules too. That way, you know your limits.
  • Gods/Goddesses that you follow. Some people follow a god/goddess, but not everyone does. You can write a history of the dieties that you follow, and you can even draw pictures, if you want.
  • Goals in your life. Writing your goals down will help you remember them. So whenever you're performing a spell/ritual, you should always keep your goal(s) in mind.
  • Spells and Rituals. When you write a spell/ritual, it's important to write out the materials, title, and a brief summary of the spell/ritual.
  • Your dreams. Keeping a record of your dreams will help with lucid dreaming. Dreams can also hold an important message, or signs, sometimes.

Yes, a Book of Shadows is very much like a diary. You can also include certain events that you want to remember. I like drawing pictures that are related to magick. If you run out of room in a Book of Shadows, you can always switch to another book. I label the books from the first book to the current book I'm on.

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Re: Book of Shadows
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
The title "Book Of Shadows" is from the original founder of Wicca.
But people have always written down thoughts,ideas, events, for thousands of years!
Everything my witch teacher taught me is written down in a series (quite a few!) notebooks; some now very tattered. But I never called them a Book of Shadows. Neither did she!
That title really belongs to Gerald Gardner.
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Re: Book of Shadows
Post # 5
Im re doing mine. It was a binder with pages in plastic protective sleeves. I had dividers by subject and alphabetized so everything was easier to find. I have information on Runes, Crystals, Herbs, Spells and Rituals Ive done, my deities, moon phases, etc.

I finally broke down and bought a nice book that is bound with paper. It is a replica of the Charmed one actually with the Triquerta on the front.

So Im transferring everything over. Ive decided that instead of sections Im just going to write in it like a journal. Following the wheel of the year, starting with Yule.

Each thing I do, create, etc than will be put into my BoS that way. I want to do it this way to see how I can fill it up within the next year.
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