False spells and so on.

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Forums -> Comments -> False spells and so on.

False spells and so on.
Post # 1
Okay lets just get this out there, so many people people has been asking these following questions and here are the answers..

"Can I turn into a vampire?"

Now this question is rather annoying because let me ask you this. Have you ever seen this,"vampire"? So, the answer is no. Your born a human, let's keep it that way.

"Can I grow wings or stretch my limbs?"

You can not alter your physical make up to grow these wings but as for stretching body limbs, see a doctor.

"Is there a spell to make me lose weight or help influence weight loss?"

Not everything should be solved with spells, stop being lazy. Go run, bike ride, walk track,etc) Start off with a healthy diet or create a gym membership.

"I lost the love of my life, I need a love spell, will you give me one?"

Okay I get it, most of you online on this site are teenagers and are curious about love and the thought of it but this really pushes my buttons. Love spells are not an accurate way to get someone to like you or come back to you. Some people call it,"Fake influences or false emotions", I call it ignorance because it can be settled verbally. It's simple, really just go talk to he/she.

"What is wrong with dating people online or should I date some one online.. He/she is very cute."

1. Clearly states in rules the dangers
2. That photo is or could be Photoshopped or of some one else
3. Give out personal information, 98 percent chance that boy or girl isn't who they say they are
4. Kiddnapping, rapist, and as stated,"other disturbed individuals".

Those are really obvious answers to over stated questions, hope some sense is knocked into you.
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Re: False spells and so on.
Post # 2
So glad you posted this. So very glad.
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Re: False spells and so on.
Post # 3
Glad you think so.
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Re: False spells and so on.
Post # 4
Ah,undisturbed.Though you have made a sensible post,i guess there are many similar threads piled up in the forums.And i think the last part is there,explained in the site itself.Also,by the title 'false spells',the love spells does'nt belong here,though it may be false emotions,but such spells are not,at least they work better than nothing as compared to fantasy fake spells.
To tell you straight,this thread will attract some fluffy people,rantin about their own beliefs,about things that are stated here to be not possible,which will lead to drama.
Although,i appreciate your work,but remember my words :)
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Re: False spells and so on.
Post # 5
Love spells are real. Like Cyprus said,if you had read the SoM Survival Guide,then you would know that there is love magic.
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Re: False spells and so on.
Post # 6
Yes, they're real but they length people use them for gets unrealistic.
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Re: False spells and so on.
Post # 7

Whether this is a good post, it has been done millions of times as I can tell. As far as belief system, it is not our problem, our views are our own. Whether vampires aren't real, but remember there are pysch (sorry if mispelled) vampires.

They may not be real vampires but they leech your energy from you or anything he/she wants. Werewolves, you can not be physically a werewolf, but mentally yes.

In some Indian beliefs, they believed in their totem, which is given at a certain age. They believe the totem they got was their spirit guardian or animal.

Whether you can not transform physically, you can transform emotionally. Doing so, can although be a bad thing.


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