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Important to know
Post # 1
I wanna start off saying this seems to be a one of a kind site that has been put together for our community. By our I mean those of a magickal faith or just wiccan or any other faith of this kind. What I have noticed is that I have had quite a few people message me that are on here simply to get someone to cast a spell or do readings for them. They have no interest. Request like please make me rich and famous. Literally a quote, make me older, turn me into something else! I would like to see respect for what we consider our faith. I live seeing people curious because often they find their path but for the rest please dont ask these sort of things! Brightest Blessings. Raven
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Re: Important to know
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Important to know
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I know a of a few other forum sites for pagans or magick, but this one is the most widely known I think. You are right, it gets annoying and sometimes insulting to hear someone demand to have a spell cast for them and once you explain why not they get mad at you and call you a liar or something. Can't do much about it, since desperate people can't be reasoned with, nor those which don't want to read long posts. This all being said, I do love this site for the few who are new and actually want to learn. For the mail, just put 'I don't cast for people, don't ask' on your profile and this should cut down on 95% of these messages.
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Re: Important to know
Post # 4
That's great idea I guess I will need to add that. Neko I was in your coven under another name and left s.o.m for a while. I have always loved your approach and talking with you.

Yes I explained to these people it is insulting and as you said they get mad. But even with that said I suggest they do research
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