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Shadow Magick
Post # 1

Hey everyone. I've been hearing bits and pieces about shadow magick for some time, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it?

It sounds kinda enigmatic, and I'd love to learn a little bit on it.

I'd love to know what happens in it, and whatnot.


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Re: Shadow Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Other Paths.
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Re: Shadow Magick
Post # 3
I know of something that's kind of like that, though it's not the specific thing that you're looking for, because no one but me even knows about it yet.

The magic that is derived from the power of a particular deity- the Cosmic Spirit of Right, is called 'the magic of beauty and shadow', though the 'shadow' part is more abstract than literal, referring not only to dim lighting but also to mystery.

The only magic effect of 'the magic of beauty and shadow' that is designated as public knowledge is the most basic effect ('draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right'), which is written on my profile page.

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Re: Shadow Magick
Post # 4
This is a response I am copying and pasting from one of my inactive blogs, I apologize if any of the punctuation goes wonky or wacky.

"Once I began to work with the dead, I also began to work with shadows, shades, and similar forces. The following list shows and explains a portion of my practices regarding shadow working.

Visualization: Visualization is fairly generic and many people like to emphasize the importance of it, however visualization is not important to everyone nor does it have to be. My variation of visualization includes a lot more than simply seeing and imagining the forces, though. I also try to feel how they might cause the immediate climate to change. Whether or not there will be a cool sensation across my skin, or if the air might twist if the forces move through them. I see them, often times, as a stick yet fluid entity that sort of surges forward like waves at the beach or syrup from a bottle. Gushing forward with a certain amount of strength and fluidity despite trying to cling back and come off in droplets.
My process begins with closing my eyes and putting myself into a state that is either calm and careful or a state where my heart is thundering in my chest and my breathing becomes heavy. Then imagining the site of the shadows, washing over the immediate ?landscape? (which I usually dull down to a greyscape for easier visualization purposes). Following is the feeling that I like to add, testing how they?re moving and affecting the surroundings. Followed by reaching out and guiding them, mentally or physically. Or by coaxing them around with whispers, be they actual words, incoherent sounds, or things like musical notes (whistling).

Energy working: Sometimes I treat the shadows and similar forces as purely an energy type. It usually feels colder to me, and kind of sharp. Almost like extra carbonated sodapop? However it is similar to feeling out the shadows in my visualization process? except it?s an entirely different feeling altogether. When I do this, I prefer to be in an already energetic mood. Sometimes there is some menial exercise before hand, the drinking of an energy drink, or guided breathing meant to increase the heart beat and the flow of blood. Easy enough to do at least one of these. From there, I expect the energies to react to mental stimulation: prompting thoughts, emotional inflections, simple head gestures, et cetera.

Expectational prompting: (Expectational is not a legitimate word.) This is based entirely on gesticulations and quick thoughts. Like Prudence Halliwell in TNT?s Charmed (off-air), this process is simple and quick. Flicking a finger to prompt a shadow or shade to go elsewhere, expecting them to follow general speed, distance, and targeting of the thoughts that occur whilst I motion. Simple and quick, this is the least productive of my methods, however it usually works in a quick pinch. This variation is used mostly for getting a shadow to latch onto someone and cause them various moods depending on what I?ve ripped the shade or shadow from.

That?s it, these are my [personal] methods!"

I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for, but the ideas seem to be the same, albeit very similar.
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Re: Shadow Magick
Post # 5
Shadow Magick is very special me for further detail
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Re: Shadow Magick
Post # 6
Shadow Magick is powerful, it can bend space/time
(bumping an old thread)
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