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No Subject
Post # 1
Hay gays I am reading a book from MARIAN SINGER The only Wiccan spell book you'll ever read. I am new in this and I like your opinion about this book.
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Re: No Subject
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

It's not particularly a book nor an author that I would recommend. In fact I find it a bit egotistical that the author feels that her one book contains all the information you'll ever need. It's almost cult-like. Those of us who have been at this for many years still never stop reading and studying.

To start with, here are some books that I would suggest.

''A Witch Alone'' by Marian Green
''The Elements of Ritual'' by Deborah Lipp
''Witchcrafting'' by Phyllis Curott
''21st Century Wicca'' by Jennifer Hunter
''Before You Cast a Spell'' by Carl McColman
''When, Why...If'' by Robin Wood
''Practical Pagan'' by Dana Eilers
''Wicca; A Year and a Day'' by Timothy Roderick

"Wicca" by Thea Sabin

You can also find the recommended reading list that my coven uses at:

Here's some websites that you may find useful in helping you with questions. (this is my own coven site.)

Hope this helps you get a good start on your studies. And feel free to ask me, or the others here on the board if you have any specific questions we can help you with.

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Re: No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Hi Sam,

I have read that book too. You can learn some stuff about it, but again, it's not the "Only Book of Wiccan Spells You'll Ever Need." Yes, it includes spells to do, but it doesn't include everything you need or want to know. From what I have read from that book, it includes some of the basics in magic, like candle color and meanings, days of the week, moon phases, stones/crystal meanings, and a few gods and goddesses. So some of it is good to know, but again, it doesn't include everything.

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Re: No Subject
By: / Novice
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Wicca from Welcome.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 5
yea, this is not a recommended book nor the author. Directly going into spell-casting a way to start. they are for advanced learners, not beginners to wicca. Hope this helps!---Rinx.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 6
Sorry, i mean=
"Directly going into spell-casting is NOT a way to start".
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Re: No Subject
Post # 7
And to point it out sam,there will not be any book which contains everything about magick or a path like wicca and its information.Studies never finish and you will gain knowledge throughout life.So the titles "Everthing you need to know..." or etc etc. is just a title given.Wicca is a vast branch and you need to learn far more.
Again,i would like to ask that is there any specific reason,that you wrote,"Hey gays".Or was it "Hey guys"?
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