Wanga Definition and Type

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Wanga Definition and Type
Post # 1
Now I am going to cover some common methods of working a Wanga, that is Voodoo spell work. I want you to keep in mind that with every Wanga there is an element of a visual pun, or a visual double entendre when working with objects that will go into making your Wanga.

The Chimeny Candle Wanga

This is a Chimeny Candle of a saint, that has been burned down. What are you going to do with this beautiful glass now? Make it into a Wanga of course, clean all the excess wax out of the glass, all the smoke. Tie a ribbon around the top, the color being dependent on the Lwa that the Saint represents, or white if you are unsure. You can then rub an oil, lotion, or perfume inside of the jar again depending on the Lwa, put a couple of crystals in there for the purpose and other things that you feel would represent your case and present it to the Lwa when you are done.

The Wanga packet

This is a piece of cloth again we want to work with the colors of the Lwa we are petitioning, we are going to use some of our herbal knowledge to fill it with fragrant good herbs that will help our purpose, stones, etc. Now before we wrap up this packet we are going to burn a candle in the middle of our pile of things to strengthen the work, a small candle while we watch and meditate on the purpose of the packet. When the candle is down and fully out we are going to wrap it up like a present and tie the top with a ribbon. Presenting the final piece to the Lwa.

The Talisman

The knowledge of talismans and amulets is not specific to Voodoo, creating an empowered sigil that you wear for a specific purpose. What makes this unique in Voodoo is of course the influence of the Lwa, the method I prefer is to have a purpose in your mind and then sit quietly in meditation calling out to the Lwa for help asking for a sigil that would draw this purpose to you faster. Once you have your sigil burn it into a small piece of wood, paint it on a clay bead, write it on a small piece of paper and keep it with you.

The Jar or Sorcerer bottle

Like the packet and the chimney I sat very quiet and waited to be informed by the Lwa as to what should go into this work and how to go about it. You might find a better way of accomplishing your wanga?s, I am simply letting you know how I go about my work, this is a personal practice all you can do is follow the guidelines and from there make it your own. I do not recommend buying new jars or bottles, in fact I recommend reusing household products as much as possible, its honestly better for our mother as well as your wallet. These are a work of art, like the artists creation they are visually represented by the objects in and out of the bottle or jar


There are spreading powders and blowing powders, these are mostly used to either stop or start something, for example to stop someone from coming into your home. They are usually a combination of herbs, different dirt from various local, and bones.

Fetishes & Ju Ju

An object such as a fetish is often combined with an animal or human bone, as well as feathers, rocks, and other earthly items the Bokor might find while out in the wilds, this creates a spirit of its own from the items you pull together, what items and how you put them together determines what purpose the Fetish will serve, like much of spirit work and Bokor work the tasks are intuitive and work on a basic principle that there is a part of you that already knows, and a part of you that is always connected to the Lwa and that they will guide you in such processes.

Each object that is added to the wanga is prayed over, and most often times dedicated to the Lwa, who oversees the work done, it is a process and should be done with careful consideration and patience.

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Re: Wanga Definition and Type
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Love it! Thanks so much for sharing this. I just finished a chimney candle so I'll have to try that out. :D
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Re: Wanga Definition and Type
Post # 3
Sorry I know it's sort of off subject. But I have a deep appreciation and respect for vodou. So I would really like feedback from those more experience than I have
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Re: Wanga Definition and Type
Post # 4

Michael to open up your powers within yourself you need to meditate and meditate opening all your chakra's. With the 3rd eye being the most important if you want to gain your abilities that you think you have. You must meditate and raise your chakras levels because your probably blocked and can't use them. Research about the chakras and practice meditating and soon you'll see the difference.

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Re: Wanga Definition and Type
Post # 5
Once again a wonderfully informative post! I really like the idea of reusing the candle glass again. Also the many options you give for the sigil I am sure will be more than helpful for those who don't have many tools if any. I love your posts and have been learning so much! Keep up the awesome work.
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Re: Wanga Definition and Type
Post # 6
Thank you mademoiselle! This was really interesting and informative. I especially like the Wanga packet as I was having difficulty with something similar. Thanks!
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