Life and Longevity

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Life and Longevity
Post # 1

Throughout time Man has been Obsessed with Death and Life. Longevity and Immortality. We are truly mortal in some peoples beliefs as others believe we are immortal. This is not the topic at hand of Philosophy. My topic is on Mans BIG concern of Aging.

When we are young we found out death existed. Many of us were either Angry, frighten, and for the few had no real opinion of it. At a young age many of want to get older so we could do things. And once we aged we want to be young an vital. Many of times I have heard Women and Men Complain they are Old just because they are in there Thirties. I feel slightly insulted that people do not respect themselves Body or Spirit. My opinion however. But are body does start to fail when we are in our thirties but we truly do not realize it till we are in our sixties.

Many people go through a phase which we Fear death. When we should just enjoy LIFE! But when we get older we are more or less struggling to live. As the very end of our life we feel defeated.

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Re: Life and Longevity
Post # 2
A Slow Decline

So what is our issue with us struggling? When does it happen?

Well it happens when we reach our thirties sometimes sooner or later. No I am not talking about Heart Attacks or strokes. Those Dramatic events are less of a stress to the body than what I am about to share. Since Strokes or Heart attacks happen once and are not a constant daily thing. It does not break us down as bad as we think. But the following can be the reason we may have it happen. So what makes us struggling?

The REAL Problems:

  • Loss of Sight
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Mobility Declining
  • Dizziness
  • This leads us to depressing times when we remember when we could do things and now we lack it. If we do not aim to take care of these things we will have issues Living long and Happy Life. You can have these issues and live long but usually ends up we are struggling till death.

    Media in the West

    Every time in USA we watch the Television and see at least one if not more commercial on a chronic Condition. Media has shown us that we will get SICK. That we will have a CONDITION. That orthodox Medicine will fix our first problem but leave us with symptoms of possible worse conditions that we originally had. In the USA we have limited ideals of how to prevent illness except for vaccines. Which some people believe cause Autism or other things in our life or our Offsprings.

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