please help friends...,i

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please help friends...,i
Post # 1
hi, to all my friends ,I am an Indian girl in desperate need of help its almost 2 and a half year of my marriage bt non of my in laws like me, they keep performing some bad black magic by the help of my photos back in India as a result me n my hubby keeps fighting all the time she also had mixed something in my drink which keeps increasing my fat and helps my hubbub to stay way and loose interest in me before I was very beautiful but slowly I m loosing my charm ,it has destroyed me emotionally and also physically ,my fortune teller had told me that my mum in law and her daughter wants to get rid of me so she is planning to kill me soon with help of even more effective black magic I haven't given up fighting for my life and for mu hubby so please help I want to stop her from harming me and my married life kindly help .
god bless u all.
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Re: please help friends...,i
Post # 2
Hi angel,

first of all you need to stop believing all this! The more you are convinced the more your conditions will get worse! I would do a lot of cleansing baths and work with some van van products maybe do some glamour spells to have more confidence in your beauty and also some protection work on yourself and your marriage. Maybe someone more advanced than me can help you with some unjinxing uncrossing or return to sender work.
The most important thing though is that you regain your confidance and strengh and believe that you are divinly loved and protected.
Blessed be
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Re: please help friends...,i
Post # 3
Never placed too much stock, in what a fortune teller, says to you. Most are only there to gain wealth, while feeding off your emotional queues.

Since, weight-gain is a natural occurrence, do you have any proof that you're being cursed?

~ Never Lost

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