Unknown Entity/Occurrence

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Unknown Entity/Occurrence

Unknown Entity/Occurrence
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I've been having some experiences with an unknown entity. Usually, the thing shows up right before I go to sleep, but occasionally bothers me at school.
The first experience consisted of getting this odd tingling feeling on my right temple. At the time I was trying to sleep. I opened my eyes, assuming it was my cat trying to get my attention. Standing above me was a shadow man.
Since then, I've gotten used to the presence, and at one point, I had thought it had gone away. Then it returned.
While one of my friends was with me, the lights began flickering. Since then, I have had other electronic issues that wouldn't usually occur, such as the internet failing, the phone ringing for no reason (no one was calling), etc.
I've heard thoughts that were not my own, in voices I do not recognize.
Last night though, my cat began reacting to the presence. She sat beside my head for a good ten minutes, staring at some unknown being. I tried to get her attention, and she flipped out.
I really don't think it's a a malevolent force, but I don't think it's all that benevolent either. Any guesses?

Blessed be,
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Re: Unknown Entity/Occurrence
Post # 2
The same thing is actually happening to me pet I know him as a warlock who wanted something from my witch friend. This entity could just be trying to talk with you about something he/she might want or could help you.
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Re: Unknown Entity/Occurrence
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Shadow people or figures are more common than you think. I see them a lot. Many were present when my mom was dying. Most left when she passed, which leads me to believe they were there waiting for her. Yours is probably a watcher, being there for you, Try talking to it, Keep in mind that answers come in many forms. (one answer came 3 times to me, out of someone's mouth and twice on the tv. I was floored!)
And Lost, you do know that warlock means oath breaker. Too many use this term incorrectly.
So yeah, shadows pose no threat. BB
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Re: Unknown Entity/Occurrence
Post # 4
This could easily be a ghost or some kind of spirit. I highly recommend trying to communicate with it. I don't think it is dangerous, but just in case you should know that malevolent entities only have power over us if we give it to them. For example, by being afraid of them or believing that they'll do something to us we give them the ability to do so. Just keep that in mind and you'll be safe from any harm this thing could do.
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Re: Unknown Entity/Occurrence
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Thank you all!
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Re: Unknown Entity/Occurrence
Post # 6
Being a magnet for negative energies I burn lots of white sage and let the smoke soak into what I am wearing before I go places where I will pick up negative energy. It works but it may also block positive. I never really thought about it.
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