Spells pregnant/adult

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Spells pregnant/adult
Post # 1
It may seem like a strange request but does any one know of a spell to finding out if your pregnant? A medication I am on actually gives false negatives to test so I wouldn't have a true way of knowing till its showing and can't afford a blood test. I've had a baby already so I know what other signs to look for than a test but still concerned with my monthly happenings become strange since a month ago even though I use birth control (yes I know not 100% effective.)

Also is there a spell to keep from becoming pregnant? Extra precaution would be a nice addition to my precautions already. I simple can't handle a second child at this time in my life so something temporary would be nice.
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Re: Spells pregnant/adult
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I would get to a doctor, as pregnancy is only one reason for that. Infection, even tumors can cause strange happenings of the month. I know this personally. Don't let it become to late for anything to be done about it. I wish you good health. Blessings...
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Re: Spells pregnant/adult
Post # 3
1. No.

2. If you're experiencing "strange happenings", you should go to your doctor or the ER.
You could be experiencing a side-effect, from the medication you're currently using, or a number of other reasons.

3. No. There are only rituals/spells that improve your relationship and increases your chances of coming pregnant.
If you don't wish to become pregnant, use protection and keep track of your monthly cycle.


~ Never Lost
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Re: Spells pregnant/adult
Post # 4
You could use any form of divination realy. If you think you need to go to the dr. Then go. But i am experienceing the same thing right now. My son was born 7 months ago and i am still nursing but my cycle went right back to full moon which has to do with gravity im sure. We are 90 percent water but last month nothing and still nothing. My husband and i use protection.
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Re: Spells pregnant/adult
Post # 5
i have done a pregnancy test spell. it is in the baby and fertility categories
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