strange happenings

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strange happenings
Post # 1
Im not looking for attention I really need help
This morning I wasn't really asleep nor fully awake and I felt movement as in someone get into bed with me I now tottaly awake look back to see if it was my daughter but knowing full well she must be in school ,anyways I shrugged it off as in maybe I was dreaming .a lil while later I sense that they were 2 other presence in my room and I felt my bed moving like a person getting out of bed (again I ignore it ). I think I fell asleep for a lil before being awake by the movements on my bed and this time its/he/she ( don't know what to make of it) was tossing and turning.I felt like someone was really there. And when I felt like I was being hugged and pulled I first thought " don't touch me" then I said it aloud and got out of bed.
Any thought,suggestion, ideas and/or advises would be greatly appreciated .
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Re: strange happenings
Post # 2
Well I've never had any experience like that but I have had spirits follow me around and sometimes just stare at me maybe you have three types of spirit's one it could be one who doesn't know that their dead and they're just living on with their daily lives option 2 wich is very unlikely it could be a succubus but this seems way different and that is very rare and finally a very mischievous demon/spirit can be messing with you they have a tendency to do that because we as humans can become irritated easily and them being spirits can and will find any way to mess with us and another reason while we sleep we're more vulnerable to these things that's why they target use most when we sleep tryst me I've woken up with scars I don't know how I got I'm not trying to be scary but I think for the safety you and your daughter I suggest you do some protection spells and rituals to protect your family I could go on and on especially since I can see and hear them imagine the lack of sleep I get at home trust me it's better to handle this now than later when their most likely to become more aggressive when they realize that you want them gone so in other words you have to put your foot down and let them know who's boss I hope this helps. BB
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Re: strange happenings
Post # 3
Thank you so very much eclipse. I woke up early this morning with an urgent need to do my rituals but decided to wait till I was alone ,I really need to be more keen to my instinct.
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Re: strange happenings
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spell Suggestions.
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Re: strange happenings
Post # 5
Your welcome and anytime I know how it feels when you're being bothered by spirits and feel free to message me if you need more info or help with anything
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