What does my dream mean?

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What does my dream mean?
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I normally don't remember my dreams. I decided to get into a habit of keeping a journal next to my bed, so that when I wake up, I can immediately write down what I remember before I forget. Some of my dreams stick to me. But I remembered a part from a dream I had last night. Normally when I remember my dreams, I don't get as curious. If I do, I begin to loose interest and forget. (This happens very often). But this time for some reason, I'm curious. More curious than all my other dreams that I forget eventually. Why? Maybe its a sign? I believe there's a meaning to all things. But back to my dream...

There is this guy who I find very attractive at work. I never had a shift with him, I only trained with him before. I saw him once after training, but, he was off right after I clocked in. Never saw him again. I wondered when I would ever see him again.

This weekend was a crazy weekend, Thanks Giving and Black Friday. I didn't see him on the employee schedule to work that week. Weird...

"I'm a very beautiful girl, but each guy that is interested in me or who I actually see myself compatible with, seems to disappear."

I thought, maybe I'm overreacting, maybe he's just not on schedule for the holidays. But here goes my dream. I was working one day, it was on a week day. Normally I work on weekends, but anyways, I was on schedule with him. I went to clock in on the register beside him. I was talking to him, we ended up staring at each other and, gazing into each others eyes. Then, his face. His face that I thought was so beautiful. I never took the time to really look at him, and his eyes. In the moment of gazing, he turned black and white. And then...

That's all I could remember. Sorry. Thank you in advance if you can come up with any conclusion to my dream that would be helpful.
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