Spell for Ancestors

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Spell for Ancestors
Post # 1
All of my life I've been around death. People constantly dying after I've visited them,individuals telling me they've been waiting on me on their death beds,elderly attraction attachments,the constant stares I get on a daily basis make me believe my purpurpose is to bring lost family or friend's spirit's home through rituals and candle magic. My mind is constantly fluttered with spirits trying to communicate and some are communicating with me. Like,I can hear them. And sometimes they try to posess my body while I'm sleeping or having sex. Sometimes they are successful. What ritual needs to be done,glass broken ,spiritual bath,chant,spell? I really need help with this.
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Re: Spell for Ancestors
Post # 2
Can i ask you if you are sure this is whats happening? How do you know? What kinds of feelings/ sensations/signs?
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Re: Spell for Ancestors
Post # 3
Sounds as though you're a "medium", who needs help in controlling your abilities.

For now, I would do a sage smudge, throughout your house. While doing so, in your own words, nicely ask the spirits to "give you some space" or "to leave".
You need time to learn about your abilities, and how to control them.


I'd also suggest mediation exercises, charkas, etc, while a white skull candle is lit.


I'm a bit weak in this subject, so I'll need to do some research and talk to a few people.

Hopefully, I'll gain the help that you will need.


~ Never Lost

PS - Seeing that you're a part of a coven, you might want to ask them for help, as well.
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Re: Spell for Ancestors
Post # 4
Okay you obviously know about last rites. There are books out there on the subject that you may or may not have read. The American Book of The Dead, The Tibetin Book of The Dead. Also along with smudging and meditating, bathe in salt for nine days straight . You may want to try a protection spell or banishing ritual. Or wear an upright star necklace (person) or amulet or make a pouch of white cloth stuffed with sage to carry in your pocket. Practice sheilding. Cast protection on your home, block, city, planet. lol. ok im a virgo i realy like to explore all options. I do the same thing with sheilding some times.
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