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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Experiences

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I like thinking deeply and pondering a lot. Being alone in my own thoughts and relaxing.
This evening the feeling came more intense than before.
I was in my room. I was laying on my bed, relaxing after a work day. I was pondering about magick and what would i write into my research notes on my computer about today, about last night's new moon, about the spell for peaceful sleep i am trying to find.
I snapped out of my thoughts, when i felt a pulling sensation towards the roof. It freaked me out. It was like i was going to float out of my body. Sadly, i didn't float out of my body, i moved my head to the side to look at my computer to break the feeling, i was being hesitant.

Would this had led into astral projection if i had let it continue on its own?
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Re: Experiences
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I believe you did an AP. Good for you! Now try doing that again. Make sure you are protected so nothing comes into your body while you're gone. I've heard that before, so thought to pass it on. Yep, sounds like an AP. BB
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Re: Experiences
Post # 3
Yes, that sounds quite like an OBE to me :) Good job!!!
Isn't it funny how they seem to happen when you least expect it? I have them often. I remember the 1st time I had one, I was horrified and thought I was dying. hahaha. It was like, I was laying in bed, and I felt this tension in my skin, like it was holding something in. Then I could feel my hand leaving the perimeters of my skin, and I looked at my (physical) hand, but I couldnt feel its attachment to my body. Then it was as if my soul 'peeled away' from my body like an orange peel. I remember hovering above myself, looking at my still body.

Honestly, I thought I was dead until I returned to my body.
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Re: Experiences
Post # 4
Yes, the feeling of "death" is but the ego dissipating away: the more ego, the more trouble will be found in achievement. Taoists have the technique of the Steps of Yu, whereby they place their feet on a star-chart held over their body...."pacing the void." For the Unconscious, which operates like a factory and takes its good sweet time digesting the news, this taoist technique may be of benefit. We are schizophrenic while sleeping, manic-depressive upon awakening.

"Inside, everything is all dark."
(Tang Guan Zheng, quoted in Thomas Cleary, Immortal Sisters: Secrets of Taoist Alchemy)
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