Mind reading?

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Mind reading?
Post # 1
So lately, without knowing how, I read a couple of my friend's mind. One of my friend that I read the mind of also practices magick and she thinks she's able to send thoughts to other, not knowing how/when. Am I able to read minds, or is it her pushing thoughts to me?
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Re: Mind reading?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Mind Reading is something one is born able to do. If you are a true mind reader you would have known for many years. I am a mind reader and I remember reading minds from as young as a few months old. I honestly think your friends are pushing thoughts on you.
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Re: Mind reading?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
You may be a good receiver, while others are good senders. I can send, as I used to call me kids in for supper just by thinking about it. On the other hand, I am not good at receiving. I can, however, read what will happen if I don't change the circumstance. See a glass on the table, knowing it will fall; if I don't move it, it falls. Weird heh?
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Re: Mind reading?
Post # 4
Oh and that's not just it. I also have this sudden thought of something going to happen and it happens. It doesn't feel like my own thinking, what is that about? Does it relate?
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Re: Mind reading?
Post # 5
You may have been doing it longer than what you are aware of. I been doing it since i was a kie but wasnt aware of it beleive it or not until my early 20s' my mom or dad which was usualy who i was around would say, barbi, i didnt say that. They never elaborated, so i just thought they were lying until i met other people like me. I personaly prayed to my higher power to have that character defect as we like to call it, removed from me until they all but did. I dont like people hearing what i think until ive had a chance to conciously make a decision about what i feel i want to say. I feel as though i am invading someones privacy sometimes when it happens and im so glad i became aware of when i was doing it by reading peoples body language you can tell if they actualy said something or just had a thought pass through.
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