Possible spiritual gifts

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Possible spiritual gifts
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I've been studying Wiccan magic, and I was meditating it a way that came to me, where I imagine the colors one at a time walking by, and then one color will stand out somehow. I did it with a close friend who is interested in and would like to study the Wiccan religion and stuff, and I saw nothing and then yellow danced around and did swirls, and then it twinkled like stars and it was beautiful and long and I asked him what color he saw and he said yellow and I was like wow that's weird and then he told me he saw the seat of a car and there was a crow In it and then a judge and them yogi bear. He and I are incredibly close, and I had these waves of emotion I saw anger and fear and sorrow and regret and I kept apologizing over ad over and over. I then saw a gray sea. My mind put this together as myself witnessing his past life. A little boy watches yogi bear in the mid to late 1900s(50-75) he is stressed and drinks alcohol, he gets drunk and drives and death is driving and he kills a family in a car accident. He's tried and gets a harsh sentence, either life in jail or death penalty. He dies soon anyway, is cremated and his ashes cast into the sea. After more emotion flooding my mind, It was gone. Later I did the same with another friend who practices magic with me and we are also very close. She saw grey and I saw a scene of the two of us sitting by a pond, and then it was faded out by dark grey spots. She said she was cold and hot at the same time and told me about a girl who was whispering to her, named Emily Montgomery. I told her to try to protect the girl but for a middle name because I'd found a tombstone marked Emily e Montgomery 1846-1920 online(we weren't together in person) and she said she looked like she was from the 1800s(before I showed her the stone) and the she told me the girls middle name was Elizabeth and then I showed her the stone and she started crying and then Emily was gone and I need to know if it's possible for me to see his past life and for her to have spoken with Emily
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Re: Possible spiritual gifts
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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