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New one.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello. I am new one here in the forums.

How did i end up into here? Well.. I didn't had the chance to sleep any a bit. So, i began scrolling internet. Searching for something to ease my insomnia. I stumbled upon here and after a brief while. I did read the newbie central and frequently asked questions.
I tried out of curiosity would a simple wish spell really work.
I used this one:

I wished, that despite i didn't catch sleep the whole night. I wouldn't feel like yawning or napping at work.
Well.. I presume the spell worked.
Somehow, i managed to get through the day without napping or yawning. Which alone is a miracle.

Coincidence? I am here to find out.
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Re: New one.
Post # 2
Welcome to SOM and you picked a pretty good basic spell. The pentagram is a powerful symbol used a lot in spells. It's no coincidence, I would assume the spell worked. You tested your curiosity and tried out the spell and intended and believed in it, so of course it came true. That's the basics of magic; visualization, focus and intent. If your interested I would suggest to keep reading and studying as much as possible. Just imagine the people you can help or the things you can do once you know what your doing with magic.

Blessed be.
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Re: New one.
Post # 3
Greeting and welcome
I'm new here as well and I'm happy to hear about your success . I'm reading and studying all and any information I can get my hands on and i've recently purchase a book and I'm now on LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of pentagram)that I'm now trying to master so please keep sharing your progress.
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Re: New one.
Post # 4
Hello everyone I'm me here and I'm looking for a good person to teach me a bit I've had an ingest in magic for a while but it's kinda hard to learn on your own if anyone can help me out please message me.
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Re: New one.
Post # 5
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Re: New one.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Introduce Yourself from Welcome.
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