Household non believers

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Household non believers
Post # 1
I am new to this site but drawn here. Over my entire life, at various times, i have experienced psychic moments. Over this past month, i have looked into it a litter more and am embracing it and want to learn about Wicca. Reading about it, that is where i truly need to be. The beliefs I have learned so far are who I am. But, my problem is living in a household with people who feel differently and can't accept me for who I am. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Household consists of husband(who was raised a Christian) of 11 years, 21 year old daughter who is creeped out by magick and a 6 year old who really doesn't think one way or another but is drawn to meditate with me. Of course, my husband is my biggest obstacle. Any ideas on how to approach making him understand? Has anyone else experienced this situation?
Any thoughts on my situation would be appreciated.
Thank you all for listening to me.
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Re: Household non believers
Post # 2
I can relate because I'm in household of nonbelievers as well but my techniques , I do my meditation when they're all gone ( school and work) and if I do feel the need to meditate while they're home I call it me time ,I lock myself up in the room and ask them to please give me a few minutes . But all in all maybe for now just let it be your thing and maybe later you can involve your husband .
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Re: Household non believers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

There's an excellent book that is useful in sharing your beliefs with family members who don't understand. You might want to find a copy of "When Someone You Love is Wiccan" by Carl McColman to help you out.

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Re: Household non believe
Post # 4
Respect and love are both 2 way streets. ~blessed be~
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Re: Household non believers
Post # 5
Thank you for some insight. I will look at the book mentioned to see if i can incorporate some ideas. I do have my quiet meditate time early in the morning when those are asleep or at work. I truly cherish that time. I wish the 2 way street was in my house but i live on a dead end! I respect all and their beliefs and never down anyone or preach my beliefs. I accept them for who they are but i don't get the same respect... holding my own though. Thank you all for responding.
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Re: Household non believe
Post # 6
My husband is a christian. But his mother was a medicine woman. One of his sisters, my friend, who introduced us has her book of shadows. Still it took a couple of years for us to reach an understanding. Which i think is quick. Probably because i was forced to explore his relgion in the past. I read the bible from cover to cover and even was baptized. Alas i was aloud to come home to my craft lol.
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