Handling a Pest

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Handling a Pest
Post # 1
This is just some high school drama if you want to think of it that way, but if you have the time, it would be nice of you to read this.

Hello, I need a bit of advice on something. There's this person who abused one of our friends in a relationship and she was banished from our social circle. Our friend is fine, well and healthy and no one is talking to the person who abused her but me. I am the only one talking to her. So they left that person under the watchful eye of me. She keeps denying everything she did to our friend. She's such a bad liar The thing is, she used to be such a nice person, she's fought some of her personal battles in her life, and thats whats turning her into this emotionally, abusive, controlling person. I know she can be a nice person, but based on her recent behavior, I'm worried for what she will soon become. I'm giving her a chance to confess and apologize for what she did so she can come back, but she'd rather take the path of denying everything and hope we believe her. Heimdall knows thats not going to happen.

Basically I want her to see her mistakes and what she has done. I want her to see how bad of a person she is so she can help herself by learning from her actions and behavior so she can become a better person. Is there any suggestions or advice I can gain from you guys? I know a truth spell would be helpful, but alas, my spell casting abilities aren't that clairvoyant yet and I'm still practicing. Anytime I would try to cast a spell, it rarely works.

I just want to help her become a better person.

Plus she claims to me she's a Buddhist, but my friend caught her bragging about witchcraft, and how she's a witch and Wiccan. Isn't it funny how a lot of people claim the title of a witch or wiccan, when yet they don't know the basics or the fist thing about spell casting and being in tune with nature? It's hilarious.

Any incantations or prayers I could take in? Perhaps they're is a honey jar of truth? Any advice you're willing to offer would be appreciated...unless it involves demons...
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Re: Handling a Pest
Post # 2
Binding spells stop people from hurting other people. I beleive there are some on this site. If you dont find what you are looking for then you could google it till you find what you are looking for or write your own after researching.
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